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TMR's 10 best.

TMR's 10 Best September -- October 2002

Product               Subject/Medium       Producer

The Cross-cultural    International/       Intercultural Resources
Conference Room       Video                Corporation 617-965-8651

Leading E-Learning:   E-learning/          American Society for Training
Assembling Your Team  Online               and Development (ASTD),

Lectora Published     E-learing/           Trivantis
                      Software             87-928-0188

Managing Multiple     Project Management/,
Projects              Online               877-405-4500,

Microsoft Office XP   End User IT          Digital Think,
(infosource)          Training/Online      888-590-1710,

MindManager           Trainer Resource/    Mindjet
                      Software             877-646-3538

Online Registration   E-learning/Online    BizNet Internet Service, Inc.
Center                                     800-265-9141

Strategy CoPilot      Strategy/Software    Imparta Ltd.,
                                           +44 20 7610 8800,

ToolBook Instructor,  CBT/WBT/             Click2learn, Inc.,
version 8.1           Software             800-448-6543,

Using Dreamweaver to  CBT/WBT/             Rapid Intake Inc.,
Create E-learning     Print                866-231-5254,

Product               Review Summary

The Cross-cultural    Intercultural instructors and
Conference Room       companies working internationally
                      would do well to have his exciting
                      product in their toolbox.

Leading E-Learning:   A webinar led by William Horton who
Assembling Your Team  gives good advice, allows
                      time for questions, and guides
                      participants to follow-up information.

Lectora Published     It's as if the Lectora project team at
                      Trivantis decided from the outset to
                      desing in all the things what would
                      attract positive attention.

Managing Multiple     One of the best online courses our
Projects              reviewer has seen. Focus is on the
                      senior-level project manager with
                      mulitple projects, but all project
                      managers can benefit.

Microsoft Office XP   The course content is taught
(infosource)          through well-written text, a carefully
                      thought out suite of techniques, and
                      a clean interface allowing peer and
                      tutor contacts.

MindManager           MindManager's utility as a tool for
                      making thinking visual and sharing
                      the results synchronously or
                      asynchronously warrants your

Online Registration   If the costs make sense and your
Center                target audience is comfortable doing
                      things, online, I highly recommend
                      BizNet's Online Registration.

Strategy CoPilot      The simulation will amuse you at the
                      same time that it will keep you on
                      your toes. Even masters of Porter's
                      five forces will have their hands full.

ToolBook Instructor,  Could be considered a little pricey,
version 8.1           but not if you're serious about
                      training content development. Not
                      for the casual user.

Using Dreamweaver to  The book holds your hand" gently
Create E-learning     but firmly" as it guides you through
                      the intricacies of CourseBuilder
                      and Dreamweaver.
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Title Annotation:employee training products
Publication:Training Media Review
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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