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TMR's 10 best.

TMR's 10 Best

Product                     Subject/Medium

Joel Barker's The New       Innovation/
Business of Paradigms       Video

Keeping the Good Ones       Supervisory and
                            Managerial Skills/

Leading E-Learning:         E-learning/
Assembling Your Team        Online

Managing Multiple Projects  Project Management/

Microsoft Office XP         End User IT Training/

Microsoft Office XP         End User IT Training/

Patient Diversity:          Diversity/
Beyond the Vital Signs      Video

Strategy CoPilot            Strategy/

ToolBook Instructor,        CBT/WBT/
version 8.1                 Software

Using Dreamweaver to        CBT/WBT/
Create E-learning           Print

Product                     Producer

Joel Barker's The New       Star Thrower Distribution Corp.,
Business of Paradigms       800-242-3220,

Keeping the Good Ones       Media Partners Corp.,

Leading E-Learning:         American Society for
Assembling Your Team        Training and Development (ASTD),

Managing Multiple Projects,

Microsoft Office XP         DigitalThink,

Microsoft Office XP         Infosource,

Patient Diversity:          CRM Learning,
Beyond the Vital Signs      800-421-0833,

Strategy CoPilot            Imparta Ltd.,
                            + 44 20 7610 8800,

ToolBook Instructor,        Click2learn, Inc.,
version 8.1                 800-448-6543,

Using Dreamweaver to        Rapid Intake Inc.,
Create E-learning           866-231-5254,

Product                     Review Summary

Joel Barker's The New       How many people get the opportunity to make
Business of Paradigms       a generational update of their ideas?  Not
                            many. Joel Barker has made the best of his.

Keeping the Good Ones       Excellent training package. It makes the
                            watchable moment a teachable moment by
                            training through an enjoyable story.

Leading E-Learning:         A webinar led by William Horton who gives
Assembling Your Team        good advice, allows time for questions,
                            and guides participants to follow-up

Managing Multiple Projects  One of the best online courses our reviewer
                            has seen. Focus is on the senior-level
                            project manager with multiple projects, but
                            all project managers can benefit.

Microsoft Office XP         The course content is taught through
                            well-written text, a carefully thought out
                            suite of techniques, and a clean interface
                            allowing peer and tutor contacts.

Microsoft Office XP         An experienced user can search for features
                            that are new or improved and work only
                            on them. Novices can be very proficient in
                            a very short time.

Patient Diversity:          Although it's hard to do this topic justice
Beyond the Vital Signs      in only 19 minutes, it's even harder to get
                            healthcare workers to sit still for
                            anything longer.

Strategy CoPilot            The simulation will amuse you at the same
                            time that it will keep you on your toes.
                            Even masters of Porter's five forces will
                            have their hands full.

ToolBook Instructor,        Could be considered a little pricey, but not
version 8.1                 if you're serious about training content
                            development. Not for the casual user.

Using Dreamweaver to        The book holds your hand "gently but firmly"
Create E-learning           as it guides you through the intricacies
                             of CourseBuilder and Dreamweaver.
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Title Annotation:Training Media Review
Publication:Training Media Review
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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