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TM/1 Release 4.0.

TM/1 Release 4.0

TM/1 Release 4.0 is the latest upgrade to this relational spreadsheet program and features several new built-in functions, macro instructions, printing and miscellaneous enhancements, including: maximum TM/1 "Table" size has been expanded from 32Mb to 128Mb; "table slices" can automatically be turned into worksheets for more detailed manipulation; worksheets can now be as large as 512 columns by 32,000 rows, increasing the maximum worksheet size to over 16,000,000 cells; delete command clears worksheets and releases memory without erasing tables and dimensions, allowing jumping between worksheet modules that access the same table(s), without unloading the table(s) or consuming more memory; enhanced color graphics for existing graph types, as well as pie and are charts, expanded printer support, and changeable border, body, and message colors; "upload command" automatically generates an ASCII, comma-delimited file with a record for each value in the Table, allowing exporting or uploading data from TM/1 to mainframe systems with the press of a key; shelling out to DOS, temporarily "suspending" TM/1 for return to the DOS prompt; looping performs calculations on every value in a Table with a single formula; interrupt recalculation of a worksheet at any time; when selecting files or dimension elements, TM/1 will "position" the list on the file name that matches characters typed in by the user.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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