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TLV keeps West Country smoking.

Family-owned West Country Smokehouses; established producer of fine cured and smoked foods; lake great care in sourcing ocean fresh fish and the finest poultry from local farms. They are also the most highly decorated smokehouse in the country.


The same dedication to quality that applies to its smoked foods was also evident in 2007 when the Dartmouth facility expanded with the installation of a new processing line. Whilst continuing its commitment to traditional smoking methods, the company decided to combine modem cooking techniques using steam from a small electric boiler to heat an oven. And to ensure drat the process was optimised, factory engineer Jeff Peters approached Cheltenham-based steam specialist TLV Euro Engineering to design the steam system.

The TLV steam system, which was designed during a single site visit and includes TLV's COSPECT pressure reducing valves, steam traps and steam safety valves, has continued to deliver a faultless steam supply for the oven since. In fact, when West Country Smokehouses went on to connect steam to an exiting Kiln, Jeff Peters again took advice from TLV and used direct steam from the electric boiler with the same combination of COSPECT pressure reducing valve and steam traps. This system has also been problem free.

Three years on, having won a sub stantial contract to provide cooked duck, fish and ready meals for a supermarket chain, the company is installing a second processing line. Based on the previous experiences, steam was again chosen for the process with a much larger vertical steam boiler providing steam for a new cooking vat and oven. And as before, TLV was appointed to design the steam system and supply its steam valves and traps.

Says Jeff Peters: "We had no hesitation in approaching TLV to design the steam system for this second line. Since the first installation their attention to detail and knowledge of steam has been second to none, and for the new line they even sent an engineer to the supplier of the cooking vat to confirm its size and steam requirements."

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Title Annotation:News and Installation
Comment:TLV keeps West Country smoking.(News and Installation)
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Date:Jan 1, 2011
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