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TKO major League MMA: Boxing.

April 2011

TKO Major League MMA: Boxing

bad boy Mike Tyson may be a controversial figure, but few can dispute the power of that left hook. In this series, you'll witness some of the most spectacular knockouts in the sporting world--including 25 of Iron Mike's best KOs. But it's not just the boxing ring that sees blood-and-guts knockouts--witness a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter taking a pummelling, a brutal collision during a soccer game, excruciating cage fights, hockey game punch-ups and much more. While you're cringing in sympathy with the blows and poundings these athletes have to face, be grateful that it's you safely on the couch and them taking a beating! Thursdays at 22:00 CAT.


CMLL Presents: Arena Mexico: Masked, costumed men flying through the air and executing gasp-inducing moves ... no, it's not a superhero movie, but the flamboyantly entertaining professional wrestling spectacle known as Lucha Libre (which means "free fighting" in Spanish). Trust the Mexicans to come up with a style of wrestling that doesn't skimp on thrills and spills, colour and craziness, flashy threads and hot-blooded attitude. These bouts, staged at the impressive Arena Mexico in Mexico City, feature a more high-flying style of wrestling than the more commonly known US version. In this series you'll witness the luchadores' aerial acrobatics in between quick-fire manoeuvres and moves, pulling out all the stops to subdue their opponent and tear off his mask. Some play by the rules, some don't--but the excitement factor is always intense. Tune in to find out why Lucha Libre is among the most popular live sporting events in Mexico outside soccer, and is catching on around the world. Thursdays at 21:00 CAT.
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Date:Apr 29, 2011
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