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TJFA league and cup fixtures for w/c December 9.

U7 Comb Blue: B Auck St. Mary''s v Shildon AFC A, Ferryhill Town v Spraire Lads, Middleton Rangers v Richmond Town, N. Aycliffe Youth v N. Aycliffe Juniors.

U7 Comb Green: B''ham Synthonia v N&S Ancients, Stockton Town v Kader FC.

U7 Comb Red: Boro'' Rngrs Reds v TIBS FC, Guisborough Town v Cleveland Juniors, Marton FC B v Marton FC A, Nunthorpe Ath v Acklam FC, Skelton Utd Red v Redcar Town. U7 Comb Yellow: Grangetown YCC v Skelton Utd Black, New Marske FC v Teesside Rangers, Redcar Athletic v Boro' ' Rngrs Blues, W. Banks YCC v Cargo Fleet.

Dev. Durham Division 1: B. Auckland Kings v B. Auckland Aces, N&S Ancients v N. Aycliffe Youth, N. Aycliffe Juniors v 21st. Allstars A, Spraire Lads v Stockton Town.

Dev. Durham Division 2: Billingham Town v Greatham FC, Golden Flatts v Stranton Juniors, H''pool St. Francis v Leven AFC, Wynyard Village v Middleton Rangers.

Dev. Durham Division 3: 21st. Allstars B v Hardwick Youth, Ferryhill Town v Trimdon United, Stranton Tigers v Mount Pleasant.

Dev. North Riding Division 1: Boro' ' Rngrs Reds v Redcar Athletic, Cleve Jnrs Sharks v Marton FC A, TIBS FC A v Boro' ' Rngrs Blues.

Dev. North Riding Division 2: Marton FC B v Cleve Jnrs Warriors, Saltburn Athletic v Guisborough Town, W. Banks YCC v Richmond Town. Dev. North Riding Division 3: Cargo Fleet B v Coulby Newham, Northallerton Jnrs v Grangetown YCC, Thirsk Falcons v North Ormesby. U9 Durham Division 1: Golden Flatts v B. Auckland Kings, Greatham FC A v S''ton Town Blues, S. Carew Lions v N. Aycl Yth Eagles, S''ton Town Yellow v B. Auckland Aces.

U9 Durham Division 2: B''ham Synthonia v Wynyard Village, Darlington TSC A v Spraire Lads, Leven AFC v Saxon Juniors, Leven Athletic v Greatham FC B, Middleton Rangers v Billingham Town.

U9 Durham Division 3: 21st. Allstars C v 21st. Allstars B, Hardwick Youth v Shildon AFC, N. Ayc Yth Falcons v Ferryhill Town, S. Carew Tigers v Darlington TSC B, Trimdon United v N. Aycliffe Juniors.

U9 North Riding Division 1: Boro' ' Rangers v TIBS FC A, Cleve Jnrs Tigers v Redcar Town A, Nunthorpe Ath v Marton FC A, R''car Newmarket v Kader FC, Richmond Town A v Guisborough Town.

U9 North Riding Division 2: Brompton Juniors v Kader Rangers, Marton FC B v New Marske FC, Redcar Town B v Skelton United, TIBS FC B v Cleve Jnrs Lions, W. Banks YCC v North Ormesby.

U9 North Riding Division 3: Acklam FC v Kader Kids, Great Ayton v South Pk Rangers, Northallerton Jnrs v Kader Juniors, Richmond Town B v Cleve Jnrs Panthers, Thirsk Falcons v Normanby United.

U10 Durham Division 1: B Auck St. Mary''s v B''ham Synthonia, Ferryhill Lions v Greatham FC, H''pool St.

Francis v Leven AFC, Spraire Lads A v 21st. Allstars A, S''ton Town Yellow v S. Carew Lions.

U10 Durham Division 2: Billingham Town v Darlington TSC, Heighington AFC v Middleton Rangers, Mount Pleasant v Ferryhill Youth, Wynyard Village v S''ton Town Blues, N. Ayc Yth Eagles v 21st. Allstars B. U10 Durham Division 3: E''cliffe Elementis v Hardwick Youth, N. Aycl Yth Falcons v Dyke House Jnrs, N. Aycliffe Juniors v N&S Anc Ambers, Saxon Juniors v S. Carew Pumas, Trimdon United v Golden Flatts. U10 Durham Division 4: N&S Anc Blacks v Fishburn Comm, S. Carew Tigers v F''hill Diamonds, Shildon AFC v Spraire Elite, Stockton Rangers v Kirk Merrington, Wolsingham AFC v H''pool Pools Youth.

U10 North Riding Division 1: Kader Juniors v Boro' ' Rangers, Marton FC B v Cargo Fleet A, Redcar Town v Redcar Ath A, Richmond Royals v Marton FC A, TIBS FC A v Nunthorpe Ath.

U10 North Riding Division 2: Grangetown Tigers v Stokesley FC, Guisboro' ' Town A v Thirsk Falcons, North Ormesby v Fishburn Park, Sth Pk Rngrs Red v Great Ayton, W. Banks YCC v Skelton United.

U10 North Riding Division 3: Cleveland Juniors v Sth Pk Rngrs Blue, Guisboro' ' Town B v Brompton Juniors, Kader Athletic v Kader United, New Marske FC v TIBS FC B, W. Banks FC v Acklam FC.

U10 North Riding Division 4: Cargo Fleet B v C. Newham Blues, C. Newham Reds v Grangetown Lions, Middlebeck Jnrs v Northallerton Jnrs, Redcar Ath B v Saltburn Athletic, Richmond Blues v Dormanstown FC. U11 Division 1: H''pool St. Francis v 21st. Allstars A, Stockton Town v B. Auckland Aces, N&S Anc Ambers v TIBS FC A. U11 Division 2: Teesside Rangers v Billingham Town, Wynyard Village v Stokesley FC, S. Carew Lions v Greatham FC A. U11 Division 3: B. Auckland Kings v Kader FC, Hardwick Youth v Spraire Lads, Billingham Rangers v TIBS FC B.

U11 Division 4: 21st. Allstars B v S. Carew Tigers, Greatham FC B v Darlington TSC, Redcar Town B v Cleveland Juniors, Wolviston Juniors v Stockton Rangers.

U11 Division 5: B''ham Synthonia v N. Aycliffe Youth, Brompton Juniors v South Pk Rangers, Fishburn Comm v Skelton United, Great Ayton v Stockton W E, Guisborough Town v Kader Athletic.

U11 Division 6: Grangetown YCC v Normanby United, Kirk Merrington v Kader Juniors, New Marske B v Saltburn Athletic, Dyke House Jnrs v Ferryhill Town.

U12 Division 1: B Auck St. Mary''s v Northallerton Jnrs, TIBS FC B v Kader FC.

U12 Division 2: Fishburn Park v B''ham Synthonia, Leven AFC v Spraire Lads, N&S Ancients v TIBS FC A. U12 Division 3: Billingham Town v Grangetown YCC, Middleton Knights v South Pk Rangers, Mount Pleasant v Stockton Rangers, Thirsk Falcons v Wynyard Village.

U12 Division 4: New Marske FC v H''pool Pools Youth, North Ormesby v Seaton Carew.

U12 Division 5: Cumby Rovers v Beechwood Youth, Greatham FC B v Hardwick Youth, N. Aycliffe Youth v 21st. Allstars, Redcar Ath B v Guisborough Town.

U12 Division 6: Redcar Town B v Cargo Fleet, Shildon AFC v Kirk Merrington, Sedgefield Youth v Brompton Juniors.

U13 Division 1: Cleveland Juniors v TIBS FC A, Stockton Town v B Auck St. Mary''s, Spraire Lads A v G'den Flatts. U13 Division 2: 21st. Allstars B v 21st. Allstars A, Richmond Town v Greatham FC, Thirsk Falcons v N&S Ancients, TIBS FC B v Billingham Rangers, W. Banks YCC v N. Aycliffe Juniors.

U13 Division 3: H''pool St. Francis v B''ham Synthonia, Primrose Hill v Barnard Castle, Tollesby Athletic v Darlington TSC, Skelton United v Guisborough Town.

U13 Division 4: Marton FC v Kirk Merrington, Cleve Jnrs Hawks v Leven AFC, Fishburn Comm v Stockton W E, N. Aycl Yth Eagles v Sth Pk Rngrs Red. U13 Division 5: Normanby Orange v Hardwick Youth, Nunthorpe Ath B v Brompton Juniors, Prissick Rovers v Billingham Town.

U13 Division 6: N. Aycl Yth Falcons v Middlebeck Jnrs, Spraire Lads North v Ferryhill Town, Throston Tornado''s v Darlington RA, Trimdon United v E''cliffe Elementis, Wynyard Village v Normanby Blue.

U14 Division 1: B. Auckland Aces v TIBS FC A. U14 Division 2: Coulby Newham v Middleton Rangers, Leven AFC v Billingham Rangers, Seaton Carew v 21st. Allstars A, N&S Ancients v Redcar Athletic.

U14 Division 3: Darlington TSC v Stockton Town, Sth Pk Rngrs Red v N. Aycliffe Youth, TIBS FC B v Brinkburn FC, Wolviston Juniors v Thirsk Falcons. U14 Division 4: 21st. Allstars B v Marton FC C, Brompton Juniors v B''ham Synthonia, Redcar Town B v Darlington RA, Stockton W E v Acklam. U14 Division 5: Sth Pk Rngrs Blue v Stockton Rangers, Northallerton Jnrs v Dormanstown FC.

U15 Division 1: B. Auckland Aces v Greatham FC, Barnard Castle v North Ormesby, Grangetown YCC v Redcar Ath A, Redcar Town A v Brinkburn FC, W. Banks YCC v Kader FC.

U15 Division 2: Billingham Town v Primrose Hill, Cleveland Juniors v Leven AFC, Middleton Rangers v Richmond Town, Nunthorpe Ath B v S. Carew Lions, Spraire Lads v Thirsk Falcons, Stockton T v M Pleasant A.

U15 Division 3: Hardwick Youth v B''ham Synthonia, H''pool St. Francis v New Marske FC, Kader Juniors v Great Ayton, N. Aycliffe Juniors v Boro' ' Rangers, N. Aycliffe Youth v 21st. Allstars A. U15 Division 4: 21st. Allstars B v Brompton Juniors, Guisborough Town v Normanby United, Redcar Ath B v Stokesley FC, S. Carew Tigers v Thornaby on Tees, TIBS FC v Redcar Town B, Trimdon United v Ferryhill Town.

U15 Division 5: Mt. Pleasant B v Dormanstown FC, Northallerton Jnrs v B. Auckland Kings, Stockton Rangers v Cumby Rovers, Tollesby Athletic v Coulby Newham.

U16 Division 1: Brinkburn FC v Stockton Town, Billingham Town v Leven AFC.

U16 Division 2: N. Ormesby Red v New Marske FC, Redcar Town v Stokesley FC, South Pk Rangers v N. Aycliffe Youth, Spraire Lads v 21st. Allstars.

U16 Division 3: E''cliffe Elementis v Richmond Town, H''pool St. Francis v Coulby Newham, N. Ormesby Black v Middleton Rangers, Seaton Carew v Prissick Rovers.

U16 Division 4: Darlington RA v Grangetown YCC, N. Aycliffe Juniors v Hardwick Youth, Trimdon United v Darlington TSC, Wolviston Juniors v Skelton United.

U18 Division 1: Yarm Town Jnrs v Acklam FC, Fishburn Park v Thornaby on Tees, Grangetown YCC v Stokesley FC A. U18 Division 2: Heighington AFC v E''cliffe Elementis, Brompton Juniors v B. Auck Town.

U18 Division 3: Kader FC v Golden Flatts, Redcar Athletic v Leven AFC, Stockton Rangers v Guisborough Town, H''pool St. Francis B v Trimdon United.
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