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TITLE: Cosmopolitan Sex Confessions.


'Cosmopolitan Sex Confessions' immediately struck me as the kind of book you can read with the most minimal of effort. Switch off your brain and be entertained by Cosmopolitan readers' true life sex tales. Well that's what I thought anyway.

The cover screams that it is filled with "Real-life steamy sexploits" and the blurb on the back does nothing more than promote the more risque stories, leading me to thinking that I would be reading something a little naughty, but ultimately something that would keep me interested and entertain me. After the first two chapters I could see that this was not the case.

The book is divided into nine sections, each one dealing with different environments or situations such as 'holiday fun' or 'one night stands' for example. So with the diversity of scenarios I did think there would be some variation in the plot structure. However, I found that after the first two chapters all the stories were starting to sound familiar.

Not only are a lot of the incidents basically the same scenes, just being played out under different circumstances, but I noticed that the same words and phrases would pop up story after story, which by the end of the book had got very tedious.

At the beginning of the book we are informed that every story is 100 per cent true (which obviously they have to say as there is a great deal of focus on the 'real' element). If this is so then there appears to be a lot of Cosmopolitan readers indulging in very similar sexual antics (and in the same order!).

The similarities which I found to be prevalent throughout the book could be attributed to the editorial staff. However the more I read, the more I just thought it sounded like one person had sat down with a template for a handful of stories and wrote them all while simply changing the location, names and the odd detail or two

CONCLUSION: Ultimately I was disappointed by this book due to its lack of substance and lack of variation. Only just passable as a book to read when on an aeroplane or on the beach - basically when there's nothing better to do.

Title: Cosmopolitan Sex Confessions Author: Natalie Dye Published by: Robson Books (a member of Chrysalis Books) ISBN: 1-86105512-9 Price: GBP7.99 Reviewer: Rebecca Sanderman
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Author:Sanderman, Rebecca
Publication:M2 Best Books
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 10, 2002
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