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 SAN DIEGO, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Titan Corp. (NYSE: TTN) and Integrated Cargo Management Systems Inc. (ICMS) of Sausalito, Calif., today announced that they have signed a strategic alliance agreement covering the application of Titan's PositCOMM(TM) mobile communications technology to ICMS' patented ProfitMAX(TM) intermodal cargo container tracking and monitoring system.
 The ICMS ProfitMax(TM) system allows companies shipping goods intermodally to monitor a variety of conditions inside the trailer or container in transit. Bob Bridwell, ICMS' president and chief executive officer, pointed out, "The intermodal movement of goods is becoming the global norm. Keeping track of and monitoring the status of intermodal shipments of mission critical or high value cargoes is essential in today's just in time service environment. Doing that isn't easy when shipments can move by ship, truck and train between shippers and consignees. Traveling inside the container or trailer, the ProfitMAX(TM) system can let the shipper or consignee know immediately when and where the cargo has been subjected to excessive temperature, humidity, shock or opened by unauthorized personnel, and also provide a video image of the person opening the container."
 The information is relayed to a central monitoring center and then forwarded to clients through a variety of communication links. The ProfitMAX(TM) system uses the global positioning system (GPS) to track the cargo containers around the world.
 Bridwell added, "The potential market for this system is huge -- there are over 5 million containers currently in use around the world. This product will assist manufacturing companies tracking deliveries, insurance companies attempting to prevent fraud or theft, agricultural enterprises with reducing spoilage, and more."
 Under the terms of the agreement Titan grants ICMS an exclusive license to market its existing PositCOMM(TM) mobile communication and automatic vehicle location technology to certain segments of the transportation industry on a worldwide basis. Titan will also adapt its PositCOMM(TM) system technology to ICMS' ProfitMAX(TM) system specification for intermodal cargo container tracking and monitoring applications as well as manufacture the units for ICMS. Titan has received a license from ICMS to market its ProfitMAX(TM) system for the U.S. Department of Defense and other government applications. Titan has received a technology transfer fee for the initial development effort and will receive royalties for sales of the product.
 Dr. Gene Ray, Titan's president and chief executive officer, noted that the alliance between Titan and ICMS was part of Titan's continued strategic objective to apply its proprietary technology in commercial fields. "ICMS gives Titan access to new international commercial marketing opportunities in the transportation field," said Ray.
 "For our part, we are delighted to be allied with The Titan Corp., a company noted for technical excellence," said Bridwell. "The agreement with Titan gives ICMS a prototype unit to deploy in its initial pilot program planned for tracking the status and integrity of cargo moving between the United States and Mexico three to six months faster than originally planned." The initial test will be conducted in the next six months.
 ICMS is a closely held information technology services company headquartered in Sausalito. The company is in the process of introducing its patented ProfitMAX(TM) cargo container and trailer tracking and monitoring system to the logistics management and transportation industry.
 The Titan Corp., headquartered in San Diego, designs, manufactures, and installs high technology information and electronic products and systems for government, commercial and international clients.
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