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TIPs & test methods.



* TIP 0305-02 Computer-assisted machinery

* TIP 0305-12 Installation


* T 453 sp-04 Effect of moist heat on properties of paper and board

* T 274 sp-04 Laboratory screening of pulp (MasterScreen-type instrument)

* T 826 om-04 Short span compressive strength of containerboard

* T 555 om-04 Roughness of paper and paperboard (Print-surf method)

* T 448 om-04 Water vapor transmission rate of paper and paperboard at 23[degrees]C and 50% RH

* T 428 om04 Hot water extractable acidity or alkalinity of paper

* T 414 om-04 Internal tearing resistance of paper (Elmendorf-type method)

* T 526 cm-04 Blister resistance of coated paper in heatset printing

* T 409 sp-04 Machine direction of paper and paperboard

* T 830 om-04 Ink rub test of container board

* T 489 om-04 Bending resistance (stiffness) of paper and paperboard (Taber-type tester in basic configuration)

* T 406 om-04 Reducible sulfur in paper and paperboard

* T 491 om-04 Water immersion test of paperboard

* T 657 sp-04 Sampling of fillers and pigments

* T 230 om-04 Viscosity of pulp (capillary viscometer method)

* T 692 om-04 Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors

* T 574 pm-04 Wax in pulp, paper and paperboard

All individual TIPs or Test Methods are available for electronic or paper delivery.

For electronic delivery, the documents are e-mailed to you in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents. This is available free from

If you prefer hardcopy printout, these can be mailed or faxed to you. Please include the shipping and handling costs in your total.

For Individual TIPs, order Item Number 0108_____(Insert TIP number)

For Individual Test Methods, order Item Number 0104T_____(Insert Test Method number)

The new or revised documents listed above may be purchased individually from TAPPI. The 2003-2004 collection of TIPs, published in March 2003, is available in a two-volume printed set or on CD. The 2004-2005 collection of Test Methods, published in March 2004, is available on CD. A print-on-demand version of the Test Methods set, current and updated as of the date printed, is also available. Company Licenses for access to the continually updated collection of Test Methods and TIPs via the web is the best way to always have a current set of documents accessible by all company personnel.

For information and quotes on Company Licenses, contact or +1-770-209-7278. For regular orders, contact Member Connection at 1-800-332-8686 (US), 1-800-446-9431 (Canada), or +1-770-446-1400 (international), or order on line at
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