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He won easy re-election in March to his third four-year term on the City Council and now Eric Garcetti is seeking another two-year term as council president.

With no council members making a move to take over the job - once compared to being as difficult as herding cats - it looks like Garcetti will continue in the post he has held since January 2006.

Garcetti was able to engineer a deal where former City Council President Alex Padilla stepped down rather than face a vote to oust him, partly with the argument the job should be rotated to give other members a chance at leadership.

Garcetti has developed a close working relationship with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, even though he had supported former Mayor James Hahn, and the two are in general agreement on what direction the city should take.

If there has been a criticism of Garcetti, it is how City Council meetings have run longer and longer - with no time limits on discussions and little control over the number of ceremonial events the council engages in.

Garcetti said he is aware of the complaints and hopes to implement some changes.

Also, he is looking at revamping some of the council's standing committees and look at the eight ad hoc committees that have been formed over the years to try to reduce them.

Chris Van Beveren wants her neighbors and others to know she is not a water snitch.

Van Beveren, of Chatsworth, was featured in a Daily News article on Monday on the new water regulations that took effect June 1.

And while she did report Caltrans for apparently violating the rules limiting sprinkler use to before 9 a.m. and after 4p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays only, Van Beveren said she did not turn in any of her neighbors.

"The water wasted by neighbors in this area was quite small compared to the huge stream of wasted water from the Caltrans sprinklers. They were my only target," Van Beveren said.

The Department of Water and Power said it is still compiling information on water use - with a goal of reducing usage by 15percent - and the complaints it receives by telephone and Internet.

In the first 10 days, the DWP received 473 tips from residents and issued 69 warning citations and two citations with financial penalties.

It is asking people to call 1-800-DIALDWP or go to the Web site at to report problems and find out their monthly water allocation.

Officials said the success of the program will rely on voluntary compliance by customers.

With new City Attorney Carmen Trutanich working on transition issues, he was thrown a wrench last week when it was reported that City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has placed a number of appointed aides so they have civil service protection.

Trutanich said the action by Delgadillo could serve to limit his ability to appoint top aides to help him run the office.

Delgadillo has defended his decision, saying it was common practice and that Trutanich was also placed on the tenure track when he worked as a senior assistant city attorney for Delgadillo in 2005.

Trutanich spokesman John Shallman said Trutanich never accepted tenure and viewed himself as a temporary employee of the department.

"He can assign these people however he thinks appropriate as long as it meets the city's requirements," Delgadillo said.

However, Delgadillo also was criticized when he first came into office for expanding the number of aides he hired and moving them from exempt status, where they have no civil service protection, to tenured jobs - seen as overstepping his powers.

Trutanich is still working through what he will do on staffing, but several folks have advised him that he can move the Delgadillo group to any post or office under his authority - including offices in the far reaches of the city.
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Date:Jun 15, 2009

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