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TIMSS-R 1999: An Analysis of the Delaware Science Coalition Data. TIMSS-R Report.

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This report explores some of the critical issues that have emerged from the data collected from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R) to inform educational decisions in the state of Delaware. Research questions include Delaware's student performance on the TIMSS-R and the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP), Delaware students' lives and their classroom experience, and Delaware mathematics and science teachers and their practice in the classroom. The data illustrate multiple facets of the educational system including classroom environment, instructional practice, students' activities out of school time, teachers' beliefs about learning, professional development opportunities, homework assignments, and curriculum. Results show that students in other states consistently outperform Delaware students across content strands and items in both mathematics and science. Students in Delaware reported frequent classroom interruptions in their mathematics and science lessons. The majority of Delaware students are not taught mathematics and science by teachers who have majored in mathematics, science, or math/science education. This report includes several examples of TIMSS-R problems together with statistical data. (KHR)

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Author:Cwikla, Julie
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:May 29, 2001
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