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Timeshare brute Nick Barrett had an orgy with two hookers - while the body of the girlfriend he had murdered 24 hours earlier lay a few feet away in the bath.

Scar-faced Barrett, 36, paid for the three-in-a-bed romp with his dead lover's American Express gold card.

The timeshare salesman had stabbed his wealthy girlfriend Fabienne Olislager to death at her villa in Tenerife, then stuffed her blood-splattered body in the bath and locked the door before inviting two call girls to an all-night sex session.

Next day the tattooed thug carried her body to his car boot and abandoned the vehicle at an airport before flying to the Far East and living it up on 31-year-old Fabienne's credit card.

Three weeks later the decaying body was discovered at Tenerife airport. By then Barrett had spent more than pounds 40,000 of his lover's cash.

Now, after a manhunt half-way across the world, the former shipyard worker is in London's Brixton prison fighting extradition to a murder trial in Spain.

Barrett, from Liverpool, latched on to glamorous Belgian Fabienne when she was making a lot of money as a successful timeshare saleswoman.

SHE was a smooth operator with a reputation for honest dealing.

HE was a rough-edged Scouser with an eye for the main chance.

They stuck out as an odd couple but Barrett became a fixture at Fabienne's swish home.

They enjoyed the high life in the island's resorts of Playa de las Americas and Puerto de la Cruz as hundreds of Britons signed up for apartments.

But not everyone approved of the dangerous liaison. Fabienne's sister Georgette told how she first met Barrett when she visited the pair in the summer of 1994.

She saw Barrett as an overweight, loud-mouthed Scouser but believed her sister was in love and hoped the relationship would work.

Georgette said: "We all went to a karaoke bar. My mother and I didn't like the people he associated with. They were rude and vulgar.

"He was violently jealous. Once when we were in a bar he attacked a man for looking at Fabienne in a possessive way.

"He grabbed the guy by the neck. Although we were shocked I could tell Fabienne was impressed.

"We should have realised then that this man was a monster.

"Just one day after killing my sister he felt he had to make love to hookers and even paid for them with Fabienne's credit card.

"What kind of person could do this? Fabienne and I were so close we spoke almost every day on the phone.

"Now all I want is to see justice done to Fabienne's murderer."

On August 7, 1994, Fabienne phoned her sister to say she was throwing Barrett out because he had been beating her up.

'"I phoned her later," said Georgette. "Strangely her answering machine was not on. I phoned her office but they said Fabienne had disappeared.

"We had a call from Barrett saying she was ill, but I knew something was badly wrong." The night after the murder heavily-tattooed Barrett picked up two prostitutes at a club and took them back to the villa at Playa de las Americas.

The hookers later told police that Barrett insisted they should not go in the bathroom.

The killer flew to Bangkok after booking a first-class ticket through the Quo Vadis travel agency.

Fabienne's worried relatives travelled to Tenerife.

Georgette knew the moment she entered the villa that something terrible had happened.

She spotted bloodstains on a fax machine and hair on a table where police believe Barrett bashed Fabienne's head. The blood had been mopped up but condoms from the perverted orgy were still in the bedroom.

After checking her sister's credit card, Georgette was shocked to find withdrawals were being made in Bangkok.

A murder hunt was launched when police found Fabienne's body.

They were alerted by the stench of her decomposing body in the baking heat.

Barrett fled from Bangkok to Greece but was arrested for not paying a bill.

He was extradited to England and was arrested at Manchester airport on February 27 last year. He had Fabienne's bloodstained and knife-shredded clothes in his luggage. He confessed but Spanish officials were a day late applying for extradition and he was freed.

A second extradition attempt was launched but when police swooped at his mother's home in Birkenhead, Merseyside, he had fled the country using a false passport.

Fabienne's ex-husband Jimmy Andrews, a US travel agent, tracked him down to the Philippines where he was living under the name Richard Bray.

He was re-arrested and is being held at Brixton prison waiting for appeal hearings against his extradition to Spain. One British resident in Tenerife said yesterday: "We are very concerned that people don't seem to be bothered about this.

"Things have dragged on for two years and we want action. Fabienne was a lovely lady and she deserves better than this.

"I understand Barrett wants to be tried in England but we all want him to be brought back here to stand trial."

Scotland Yard said: "His appeal will go to the High Court and is unlikely to be resolved for months.

"It is not our job to prove his guilt or innocence. Our role is simply to establish he has been correctly identified as a man wanted in connection with a crime."
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Author:Qualtrough, Stuart; Kellaway, Rob
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 5, 1997
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