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Name the Year

FOR our picture puzzle each day we take a shot from The Journal archives, giving you a bit of a clue and asking you to name the year the picture was taken. A year out either side is good.

The original caption for today's photograph, above, read: "Felling high street - a busy shopping centre of the district". The fashions and lorries should give a clue to the year. But when was it? The answers are given with the quiz answers below.

If the photograph revives memories for you, tell us about it - contact Rebecca Young at

who what where when?

WHO in Greek legend abducted Helen?

WHAT Japanese military title was Tokugawa Keiki the last person to hold?

WHERE is the mountain range of which Mount Narodnaya is the highest point?

WHEN was the title Duke of York created for Edmund of Langley?

remember when ...

1 Sean Penn and Antonio Banderas were born

2 Eddie Cochran had a posthumous UK No.1 single with Three Steps To Heaven

3 Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen starred in The Magnificent Seven

4 Britain's National Service enlisted its last conscripts


THE word may sound familiar but what does it mean?


A Fold of loose skin hanging from the the throat of cattle

B Precipitation of moisture over prolonged period

C Morning period of exercise

who am I?

An actor, I was born in London in 1889. My parents were music hall entertainers and I made my first stage appearance at the age of five. I am best known for my performance in the film The Gold Rush.


NAME THE YEAR: 1949 (March)

WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Paris; Shogun; Ural Mountains; 1385.



WHO AM I: Charlie Chaplin.
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