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who what where when? | WHO coached The Netherlands in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Finals? | WHAT nationality was the poet Georg Trakl? | WHERE in South America is the lake Poopo? | WHEN was the Nobel Prize in Economics first awarded? remember when...

The following events all occurred in a year in living memory. Can you guess the year? 1. Sean Penn and Antonio Banderas were born 2. Eddie Cochran had a posthumous UK No1 single with Three Steps To Heaven 3. Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen starred in The Magnificent Seven 4. Britain's National Service enlisted its last conscripts impossipuzzles "Were there many at the meeting?" Harry asked. "Sorry I couldn't make it." "You didn't miss much. There were between sixty and seventy," replied Ben. "If there had been four times as many couples, there'd have been as many people as there would have been if there'd been twice as many singles."

How many were at the meeting? wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean? HODIERNAL A Pertaining to the present day B Living forever C Duped husband who am I? A singer, I was born in Canada in 1978. I was named after a Soviet gymnast. My album releases have included Folklore and Loose, and in June 2006 my single Maneater got to Number One in the UK singles chart.

10 Questions 1. What famous attraction in Northumberland has celebrated its 15th anniversary? 2. The Zurbaran Centre, a joint initiative by Durham University and Auckland Castle, will celebrate the art of which areas? 3. Brendan Foster developed the Great North Run after he was inspired by taking part in what other event? 4. What kind of cigarette did the late Bobby Thompson use in his comedy act? 5. The Prince of Darkness and the Dark Lord are nicknames of which former Labour minister with connections to the North East? 6. How many children did the Queen have when she ascended the throne? 7. Ursula was whose evil twin sister in Friends? 8. Who will rejoin The Voice when the show moves to ITV after he was axed from the final BBC version? 9. Who was the late folk singer famous for her song Who Knows Where The Time Goes and who recorded with the Strawbs, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay.

10. Which is the most populous city in America? answers York New 10 Denny; Sandy 9 Jones; Tom Sir Phoebe's; 7 Two; 6 Mandelson; Peter) (Lord 5 Woobine; 4 Zealand; New in Race Bays the Round The 3 America; Latin and Spain 2 Garden; Alnwick The 1 questions: 10 I: AM WHO Furtado Nelly Awordwise: impossipuzzles: couples).

8 singles, 48 (meeting at 64 WHEN: REMEMBER 1960 WHEN: WHERE WHAT WHO 1969.

Bolivia; Austrian; Basten; van Marco

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Oct 5, 2016
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