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who what where when? | WHO... produced the banqueting service for the Prince of Wales's coronation as George IV? | WHAT... is the female equivalent of the Oedipus complex called? | WHERE... was James II of England known as James VII? | WHEN... was Pompeii buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius? remember when...

The following events all occurred in a year in living memory. Can you guess the year? 1. Actor Rex Harrison died 2. Kevin Costner starred in Dances With Wolves 3. Stefan Edberg won the men's singles title at Wimbledon 4. New Order and the England football team had a U.K. No.1 with World In Motion impossipuzzles "Look, Dad," Stan said. "I folded this sheet of paper so that one corner is exactly on top of the opposite corner. Can you figure out how long the paper is?" Tom looked. "Is it a rectangular sheet?" The boy nodded. "Sure. The short side is 24 centimetres, and both the fold and the long side are exact numbers of centimetres."

Well? wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean? ENDENIZEN A To naturalise B Applied through the skin C To make dear who am I? An actress, I was born in County Dublin in 1920. My father part-owned the football club Shamrock Rovers. My films include How Green Was My Valley, Miracle On 34th Street and Rio Grande.

10 Questions 1 Which coin's old shape went out of circulation at the weekend? Polish city of Torun in 1473 and has a monument in his honour there? 2 The asterisk * appears above which number on a keyboard? 9 Affenpinscher, French Brittany, and Grand Griffon Vendeen are breeds of which animal? 3 The Scottish city of Glasgow is situated on which river? 10 Lee J. Cobb played Juror 3 in which 1957 film? 4 In which field did Milton Friedman win a nobel prize in 1976? 5 What is the coffee drink called that has a shot of espresso with hot water added? 6 The explorer Mungo Park was born in which country? 7 On the mouth of which river do the castles Pendennis and St Mawes stand? 8 Which astronomer was born in the answers Men Angry 12 10.

Dog 9.

Copernicus Nicolaus 8.

Fal 7.

Scotland 6.

Americano) simply or (Americano Caffe 5.

Economics 4.

Clyde 3.

8 2.1 PS1.

Questions: 10 I: AM WHO 'Hara.

Maureen wordwise: Aimpossipuzzles: cm.

30 fold long, cm 32 Sheet WHEN: REMEMBER 1990 WHEN: WHERE WHAT WHO D.

A.79 Scotland; complex; Electra Spode; Josiah

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Date:Oct 17, 2017
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