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who what where when? | WHO starred as David Lightman in the 1983 film WarGames? | WHAT operetta saw the first collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan in 1871? | WHERE was Anibal Acevedo Vila the Governor 2005-09? | WHEN did Marvin Pentz Gay Sr., the father of singer Marvin Gaye, die? remember when...

The following events all occurred in a year in living memory. Can you guess the year? 1. Jane Fonda was born 2. Picasso's Guernica caused a sensation 3. Labor politician Ramsay MacDonald died 4. The Coronation of George VI took place impossipuzzles "What's the price of this?" Tom asked. "I left my glasses at home."

Bill looked, and thought a moment. "The pennies are two thirds the number of pounds, Dad," he replied. "If the pounds were pennies and the pennies pounds it would be just under three pounds less."

What was the price? wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean? HYETAL A Elevated land B Pertaining to rain C Science of preserving health who am I? A footballer, I was born in Macclesfield in 1981. I have played for Portsmouth, and Aston Villa and Liverpool, and am currently a striker for Stoke City. I was the subject of press attention after doing a robotic dance during a match between England and Hungary.

10 Questions grounds of estate owner William Wailes, who sold his estate to Gateshead Council. What is it? 1 Which star whose films include Dead Calm and Jurassic Park celebrates his 69th birthday today? 7 "I think (being Prime Minister) was a burden of responsibility that I 2 Which North East singer and actor had a hit with a moody version of Love Don't Live Here Anymore in 1986? wasn't cut out for, really." Which politician turned TV presenter gave this candid assessment of himself this week? 3 Prime Minister David Cameron is standing down from Parliament. Which year was he first elected? 8 The Glastonbuty Festival has announced it will take a "fallow year" in 2018. When did it last do so? 4 The former Flynn's Bar in Newcastle is to reopen as part of a development planned by which theatre? 9 Engineer Naveen Rabelli took seven months to travel 6,200 miles from India to Britain via Iran using which mode of transport? 5 Someone enjoying an easy and pleasant time is said to be living the life of who? 10 Which term for prominent breasts on a man has just made it into the Oxford English Dictionary? 6 It opened in 1876 and incorporates the mansion and associated answers Moobs 10 tuk; tuk A9 2012; 8 Portillo; Michael 7 Park; Saltwell 6 Riley; 5 Theatre; Live 4 2001; 3 Nail; Jimmy 2 Neill; Sam 1 questions: 10 I: AM WHO Crouch Peter Bwordwise: impossipuzzles: 9.06 PSWHEN: REMEMBER 1937 WHEN: WHERE WHAT WHO 1998.

Rico; Puerto Thespis; Broderick; Matthew

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2016
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