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TIME OUT: Quiz of the Day.

1. Which English pop singer was born David Robert Jones in 1947?

2. The most gold medals ever won in a single Olympic Games was achieved by which country in 1984?

3. Which London park is bounded on the north by The Mall?

4. Before German reunification, what was the capital of West Germany?

5. Thought to be long extinct, what type of creature is the coelacanth, which was found alive and well in 1938?

6. Which novel did Charles Dickens leave unfinished at his death?

7. In which 1979 film directed by Blake Edwards did Bo Derek co-star with Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews?

8. In the Wizard Of Oz, the lion wants courage; what does the scarecrow want?

9. Who in the 1930s was the assistant to Adolf Hitler's photographer and personal friend, Heinrich Hoffman?

10. Triton is a moon of which planet?

ANSWERS: 1 David Bowie; 2 The USA; 3 St James's Park; 4 Bonn; 5 A fish; 6 The Mystery of Edwin Drood; 7 The film's title was 10; 8 A brain; 9 Eva Braun; 10 Neptune.


Bo Derek - see Question 7
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Date:Jan 8, 2009
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