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 DALLAS, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) today said it has created an office of the chief executive to consist of Jerry R. Junkins, chairman, president and chief executive officer; William B. (Bill) Mitchell, vice chairman; and William P. (Pat) Weber, vice chairman.
 Additionally, TI announced the election of four executive vice presidents who will have responsibility for the company's major businesses and will report to the office of the chief executive.
 "This new structure will allow us to spend more executive-level time with customers and promote a more integrated, global company," said Mr. Junkins. "This structure builds upon the vision we set for TI in 1989 to be a leading semiconductor supplier, adjust our defense business to the changing environment, build a strong software operation, and develop emerging businesses. We are well on our way toward reaching these goals."
 Mr. Mitchell previously was a TI executive vice president responsible for the company's systems businesses, including the Defense Systems & Electronics Group (DSEG) and the Information Technology Group (ITG). Under his leadership, DSEG has taken aggressive steps to adapt to the post-cold-war market, and ITG has shifted its emphasis to software and related services.
 Mr. Weber previously was a TI executive vice president responsible for the company's semiconductor, materials and controls, and consumer businesses, as well as international operations. Under his leadership, TI's semiconductor business has transitioned from commodity to differentiated products, and from simply a supplier to an integral partner with customers all over the world.
 As vice chairmen, Mr. Weber and Mr. Mitchell will exercise oversight responsibility with Mr. Junkins for the full range of the company's global business activities. Mr. Weber and Mr. Mitchell will continue as directors of the company and will work closely with TI's major customers to identify and develop new markets for TI. They also will assume an increased role in the company's external affairs, such as industry and government relations.
 William F. (Hank) Hayes becomes TI executive vice president responsible for the company's software business, corporate venture projects, and corporate research and development. He also will exercise corporatewide authority for TI's strategic planning through his chairmanship of the strategic leadership team, composed of TI senior officers. Previously, Mr. Hayes was TI vice president and president of the Defense Systems & Electronics Group.
 Gary D. (Dean) Clubb becomes TI executive vice president and president of the Defense Systems & Electronics Group. He succeeds Mr. Hayes. Previously, Mr. Clubb was executive vice president and deputy manager of DSEG. Prior to becoming deputy manager, Mr. Clubb was responsible for DSEG's missile systems division.
 Thomas J. (Tom) Engibous becomes TI executive vice president and president of the Semiconductor Group. He succeeds Mr. Weber in this role. Mr. Engibous previously was senior vice president of the Semiconductor Group, responsible for this group's application-specific operation, which has become the largest single part of TI's semiconductor business.
 David D. (Dave) Martin becomes TI executive vice president responsible for TI's materials and controls business, custom manufacturing, and personal productivity products (notebook computers, printers, calculators and educational products). Previously, Mr. Martin was a TI vice president responsible for the Materials & Controls Group, Consumer Products Division, and the company's international operations.
 Additionally, Nicholas K. (Nick) Brookes becomes a TI vice president and president of the company's Materials & Controls Group. Mr. Brookes previously was vice president of the Materials & Controls Group and managed TI's radio-frequency identification technology known as TIRIS, one of the company's emerging businesses. He will report to Mr. Martin.
 Continuing in their present responsibilities and reporting to the office of the chief executive are Richard J. (Dick) Agnich and William A. (Bill) Aylesworth. Mr. Agnich is senior vice president, secretary and general counsel. Mr. Aylesworth is senior vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Texas Instruments Incorporated, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a high-technology company with sales or manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries. TI products and services include semiconductors; defense electronics systems; software productivity tools; printers, notebook computers and consumer electronics products; custom engineering and manufacturing services; electrical controls; and metallurgical materials./
 /CONTACT: Terri West, 214-995-3481, or Buddy Price, 214-995-2355, both of Texas Instruments/

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