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 TEMPLE, Texas, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A new family of RISC-powered 600 x 600 dpi printers was announced today by Texas Instruments. The microLaser Pro 600 printers with built-in PostScript(TM) Level 2 software from Adobe and PCL 5 offer outstanding value in high- performance, high-resolution laser printers. With eight page-per-minute print speed; standard AppleTalk(R) interface; high-speed, bi-directional parallel interface; 6MB of memory that is expandable to 22MB; 500-sheet paper capacity; and a fast 20MHz RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) processor, the microLaser Pro 600 printers are designed for maximum performance -- with features and pricing that lead the industry.
 microLaser Pro 600 -- A Better Value than HP(R) and Apple(R)
 microLaser Pro 600 Apple
 PS23 PS65 HP(R)LJ4 LW Pro 600
Pages per minute 8 8 8 8
Resolution 600 dpi 600 dpi 600 dpi 600 dpi
Standard memory 6MB 6MB 2MB 8MB
Printer Languages PostScript 2 Postscript 2 PCL 5e Postscript 2
 PCL 5 PCL 5 PCL 4+

 Switching Standard Standard Optional Not Available
Outline fonts 23 Adobe 65 Adobe 10 True 35 Adobe
 Type 1, Type 1, Type(R), Type 1,
 8 Intellifont(R) 8 Intellifont 35 Intellifont 29 True
 Type (on

 Interfaces High-Speed High-Speed High-Speed

 Parallel Parallel Parallel, Parallel,
 Serial Serial

 Interface Standard Standard Optional Standard
Auto-Port Switching Standard Standard Standard Standard
Std. Paper Capacity 500 Sheets 500 Sheets 350 Sheets 350 Sheets
List Price $1,599 $1,799 $1,759 $2,099
 The microLaser Pro 600 printers include two models; the PS23, with 23 of Adobe's scalable Type 1 fonts, and the PS 65, with 65 of Adobe's scalable Type 1 fonts. Both models also include the PCL 5 printer language with 8 scalable fonts.
 "The microLaser Pro 600 printers set a new standard for value in high-performance laser printers," said Bill Niederstadt, senior product manager for TI's Peripheral Products Division. "They provide powerful RISC performance and superior printing resolution, plus an array of standard features -- built-in PostScript software, 6MB memory, two input paper trays with 250-page capacity each, and a high-speed, bi- directional parallel interface and an AppleTalk interface -- that are 'extras' with many manufacturers. The microLaser Pro 600 printers give users the features they need most for high-resolution printing, right out of the box."
 Optimized for Fast Printing, plus PowerStep(TM) Performance Accelerator
 The microLaser Pro 600 is built around IDT's (Integrated Device Technology) powerful 20MHz 3051 RISC processor. The 3051, a MIPS R3000 derivative, quickly processes complex graphics and frees up the host computer, allowing most jobs to print at a true 8 pages per minute. A standard 6MB of memory lets the microLaser Pro 600 handle large graphics files efficiently. Performance is further enhanced by a new high-speed, bi-directional parallel interface with a data transfer rate of up to 400KB per second. Users will see a significant speed improvement when printing large data files such as scanned images. In addition, a TI- designed ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) performs printer communication tasks, freeing the RISC processor to handle the PostScript language and PCL 5 much more efficiently. These features are all part of the microLaser Pro 600's new Platinum Controller design that is clearly optimized for high-performance printing.
 To upgrade performance to an even higher level, TI offers it innovative Power Step option for the microLaser Pro 600. PowerStep features a 40MHz IDT 3081 RISC processor for even faster performance, with four times the cache memory of the standard Pro 600 processor, plus a built-in floating point processor. This inexpensive option has a suggested list price of $349 and provides accelerated performance usually found in workgroup printers priced thousands of dollars more.
 Razor-Sharp Graphics and Text
 With 600 dpi resolution, the microLaser Pro 600 prints at four times the resolution of 300 dpi printers, giving life-like quality to halftone images, while adding new smoothness and clarity to graphics and text. The microLaser Pro 600 bridges the gap between laser printing and near- typeset quality, with output than can be used as camera-ready copy in applications such as newsletter and manual printing. The microLaser Pro 600 uses a specially formulated toner with microfine particles to sharpen the edges of graphics and text.
 PostScript, PCL 5 and Automatic Language Switching
 The microLaser Pro 600 PS23 has 23 scalable Adobe Type 1 fonts, while the Pro 600 PS65 has 65 fonts. The PS23 can be upgraded to include 65 Adobe Type 1 fonts through a user-installable option. In addition to handling Adobe's Type 1 fonts, the built-in PostScript software rasterizes Windows TrueType fonts for faster printing. Both models include PCL 5 with 8 scalable fonts. The microLaser Pro 600 printers include Adobe IntelliSelect(TM) automatic language switching software. This eliminates the need to manually reset the printer when changing between HP and PostScript language printing modes.
 Designed for Multiple Environments
 The microLaser Pro 600 printers are compatible with Windows, DOS(R) and Mac(R) environments; AppleTalk is included at no extra charge. Auto-port switching is achieved through an Intelligent Interfacing feature which allows all ports to remain active when more than one computer is connected to a microLaser Pro 600. The printer instantly switches between computers, automatically adjusting for each environment. Plug-and-play network options allow easy connection to a local area network; options include Novell(TM) Ethernet (10 Base-T) and TCP/IP (10 Base-T).
 Long-Lasting Consumables and Large Paper Capacity
 The microLaser Pro 600 consumables are designed for long life -- 15,000 prints for the imaging cartridge and 30,000 prints for the OPC cartridge. The consumables are easy to change, too. The imaging cartridge simply drops into place, and the OPC cartridge fits on top.
 The microLaser Pro 600's standard paper capacity is larger than most laser printers in its class. Dual trays with 500-sheet total capacity eliminate the need for frequent refills. The microLaser Pro 600 handles letter, A4 and legal paper, as well as labels and transparencies. It includes a manual feed slot. A 30-envelope tray is optional.
 Pricing and Availability
 The microLaser Pro 600 printers are available now from TI's extensive worldwide network of dealers and distributors. Suggested U.S. list prices are $1,599 for the microLaser Pro 600 PS23 and $1,799 for the microLaser Pro 600 PS65.
 The microLaser Pro 600 printers are a product of TI's Peripheral Products Division, part of TI's Information Technology Group (ITG). ITG offers a unique combination of software, computing and automation technologies developed at TI in recent years. These include computer- aided software engineering (CASE) tools. ITG's Peripheral Products Division designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of printers and portable PCs.
 -0- 9/13/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Texas Instruments Incorporated, headquartered in Dallas, is a high-technology company with sales or manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries. TI products and services include semiconductors, defense electronics systems, software productivity tools, printers and notebook computers, custom engineering and manufacturing services, electrical controls, metallurgical materials, and consumer electronics products.
 Please refer all reader inquiries to: Texas Instruments Incorporated
 P.O. Box 6102, MS 3242
 Temple, TX 76503
 TRADEMARKS: microLaser and PowerStep are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated. Adobe, PostScript and IntelliSelect are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. DOS is a registered trademark of MicroSoft Corporation. Macintosh, AppleTalk and TrueType are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
 HP and PCL are registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard. Intellifont is a registered trademark of AGFA Corporation, a division of Miles, Inc.
 Novell is a trademark of Novell Incorporated./
 /CONTACT: Jerry Rycaj of Texas Instruments, 817/774-6110/

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