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THURSDAY; 18 May 2017.

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure BBC2, 9pm Writer and explorer Alice Morrison embarks on a camel trek over the dunes of the Sahara, 3.5 million square miles of desert, for the second and final part of her journey to Timbuktu. Along the way she visits a livestock market that centuries ago provided merchants with their camels, before reaching her final destination. Far from the legendary City of Gold, Timbuktu is a city where UN solders keep a fragile peace after an incursion by Islamic extremists in 2012. Alice relives the city's glorious past with a visit to its world famous mosques, meets the Tuaregs - desert nomads who have sought refuge in there - and celebrates at a party with her newfound friends.

Rownd a Rownd S4C, 7.30pm Mae'n ddiwrnod hapus ym mywyd Barry a Carys wrth iddynt symud i'w ty newydd o'r diwedd. Caiff Mathew newyddion da am ei orffennol, sy'n rhoi achos dathlu iddo fo a Sophie. Yn ei hwyliau da, mae Dani'n trefnu trip bach iddi hi a David, ond nid yw David yn rhannu ei brwdfrydedd gan fod gorchwyl pwysig ar ei feddwl.

Pica Syndrome: The Woman Who Ate a House C5, 10pm Documentary about people with the rare condition pica, which results in a compulsion to eat non-food items. One such person is south London woman Patrice, who is eating herself out of house and home - literally. For the past 15 years she has been devouring the walls of her house, eating a ton of plaster - and now her husband is seeking professional help in the hope of making her stop.

Meanwhile, Nina from Bradford is addicted to eating novels, Rebecca from Herefordshire eats her own hair and six-year-old Charlotte is starring to eat carpets and toys. Will experts be able to help the youngster or another of the others?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 13, 2017
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