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THESE are the British football yobs who could wreck the World Cup in France - named by The Mirror today in an attempt to head off disaster.

Police believe each of the 20 hooligans is an organiser of violence. But they are powerless to stop them travelling to France for the championship in June and July.

And because of a legal loophole even thugs who are under restriction orders cannot be stopped from slipping across the Channel.

Tomorrow British football intelligence chiefs and French security bosses will begin secret talks in Paris to assess the threat. A Mirror investigation has revealed that some of the country's worst football thugs are planning their travel routes and collecting money for black market tickets and expenses.

Ringleaders in Tyneside, London, the Midlands and Thames Valley have set up private bank accounts.

Some belong to the notorious gangs who brought shame to the terraces in the 1980s.

A frightening number are Special Branch targets because of their extreme Right-wing activities and links to the vicious race hate organisation Combat 18.

But police cannot stop them heading for the tournament.

Since the Football Spectators Act was introduced in 1989 only a handful have been put under restriction orders.

Just 10 orders are now in force and none of those in our rogues' gallery is currently under one.

The orders aim to stop troublemakers travelling to matches abroad by making them report to a police station here on the day of an overseas game.

But Det Insp Peter Chapman, head of the National Criminal Intelligence Service hooligan unit, told The Mirror: "A known hooligan who is under a restriction order can be on his way to an England game with a black market ticket and some foreign currency in his pocket and there is nothing we can do.

"By the time the order has been breached because he has not reported at a police station, he could be on the terraces."

Police want ALL convicted hooligans to be placed under restriction orders backed by tougher powers of arrest.

British detectives are getting intelligence about plans for clashes with rival fans at service stations on French motorways and at railway stations.

Several flashpoints have been identified in southern France where England fans are likely to meet rivals from Holland, Italy and Denmark.

The Mirror has learned that one gang in the Midlands have discussed battle plans with the violent Ultras in Marseilles, where England will play their first match.

The worst hooligans will use any means - including bogus passports and identity papers - to get to France. A detective said: "The ringleaders get their kicks out of organising violence. They co-ordinate attacks using mobile phones on the terraces."

Among the tournament's explosive ingredients:

MATCHES will be watched live on TV by billions

FANS will constantly be on the move to venues across France and it will be the cheapest World Cup for years for England supporters

THERE is no time to introduce effective legislation to stop known hooligans from travelling to France.

The Football Supporters Association has joined police in demanding tougher laws.

Mr Chapman, who will be in Paris for tomorrow's security meeting, said: "Restriction orders must be more widely used by the courts but also toughened up to cope with the worst troublemakers.

"We would argue strongly for an additional power to allow police to stop hooligans subject to restriction orders from travelling to a match if there is a strong suspicion that they intend to do so."


CROP-HAIRED Oxford United yob and right-wing extremist.

Osbury, 27, has connections with soccer's most notorious "firms" but his power bases are west London and Nottingham.

In 1993 he was expelled from Norway. Fascist Combat 18 nutters treat him with respect and he has taken part in Loyalist marches across Britain.

He was jailed for six months in 1995 and played a crucial role in cementing the Oxford, Reading, Chelsea hooligan triangle.


ONE of Britain's worst soccer hooligans who was in the thick of rioting in Rome last year.

Plasterer Cockburn, 28, is a leading Chelsea Headhunter linked to fascist outfit Combat 18. In the 80s he was involved in Ku Klux Klan activity.

He has been spotted at numerous riots and in October 1995 he was jailed in Norway.

Cockburn, of Slough, Middlesex, has now changed his name to Holloway to avoid detection.


SKINHEAD leader of Chelsea Headhunters.

The 35-year-old first came to prominence in 1988 when he was one of eight arrested for organising soccer violence.

Despite an undercover operation by Scotland Yard all were later cleared.

Glass, of Heston, Middlesex, stood as a National Front candidate in 1980 and is considered a key Combat 18 organiser. He was expelled from Belgium in 1995 after violence in Bruges.


KEY player in Carlisle's Border City Firm who revels in title of Britain's worst soccer thug.

The 26-year-old already has more than 30 convictions. One victim needed his cheek stapled together after a knife attack.

In 1994 he led a pitch invasion at Carlisle Utd and was banned from all UK stadia. Three days later he was at the return fixture.

In 1995 Dodd was involved in the appalling Dublin riot and fought in England's World Cup qualifier in Rome last October.


A LETHAL hybrid of football hooligan and fascist thug.

A prime mover with the Chelsea Headhunters, he has made a fortune from promoting neo-Nazi music across Europe.

Wells, from west London, was one of 10 thugs expelled from Norway in 1995.

A year ago he was arrested in Germany after violence at a skinhead gig but fled the country. Wells was jailed for six months in Glasgow last September for possession of a knife.


CRYSTAL Palace thug with more than 20 convictions.

Blackham, 27, has strong links with the British National Party as well as the outlawed Ulster Defence Association.

In 1992 he became a mercenary and went to Croatia with a group of Millwall hooligans. The south Londoner was jailed for four years when caught gun- running for Belfast terrorists.

He protested outside Downing Street during Gerry Adams's recent historic visit.


NICKNAMED The General "Hicky" has convictions stretching back to 1974.

He was an original Chelsea Headhunter who rose to the rank of lieutenant in the 80s.

The 41-year-old was jailed for eight years in 1987 after cops infiltrated soccer gangs. His conviction was later quashed.

Originally from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, Hicky lives in the Philippines and travels around Europe selling T-shirts. He was in the thick of the Rome violence.


BABY-FACED neo-Nazi is connected to Chelsea Headhunters.

The 31-year-old dustman was involved with the Ku Klux Klan but switched his allegiance to racist group Combat 18.

Atkinson, of Egham, Surrey, became a key activist but his career of thuggery was interrupted when Special Branch arrested him in possession of vile C18 hate magazine The Stormer.

He was jailed for 21 months but should be released in time for the World Cup.


PULLEN'S domestic thuggery has been hampered by a life ban from his home team Shrewsbury Town.

He was at the heart of violence during the 1990 World Cup in Italy where he was jailed for four months then deported.

The builder, 26, started out as an Aston Villa supporter but switched allegiance.

In 1995 he was caught with 38 kilos of cannabis and jailed for four years. He should be freed in time for World Cup 98.


THE ginger-haired Liverpool yob turns nasty after huge drinking binges.

He is a veteran of overseas football riots and was at the infamous 1985 Heysel stadium disaster that left 39 dead.

At the time his best friend was jailed for manslaughter for his part in the European Cup horror.

In February 1995 cameras caught Hosking, circled, beating up an Irish fan.

A Dublin court found him guilty of violent disorder, riot and assault but he was put on probation and is free to travel to France for the World Cup.

Labourer and decorator "Tez", 33, has been barred from pubs in his home town in the Lake District.

He has a reputation as a "nutter" who hosts drinking bouts for dozens of football yobs at his home.


SKINHEAD viewed by police as a key "organiser of violence" and a threat to security during the World Cup.

The active Loyalist is a sidekick of Neil Keilty at Aston Villa - one of the key "firms" on the England travel scene.

Burke's home was raided shortly after a close associate was arrested with an arms cache destined for Belfast terrorists.

He was in Poland in 1997 and involved in violence after the game.


EX-soldier and Wolves hooligan with right-wing leanings.

He was arrested by military police after violence erupted during a Bloody Sunday march in January 1993.

The following month Lawley, who claims to be an ex-Para, was out of the Army.

He is well known among fascist circles in the West Midlands and has links with Chelsea Headhunters. He and other Wolves yobs were present at the 1995 Dublin soccer riot.


GREYING Covele is the Chelsea Headhunters' general.

Known as Silver, the 37-year-old has been a football thug for nearly 20 years.

He has links with London criminals and a string of convictions.

Covele has some black friends but believes only whites should follow England abroad.

He has been banned from Chelsea FC and was captured in Holland on CCTV orchestrating fights with police.


LEADING Chelsea Headhunter linked to the main ringleaders in Kent and west London.

He was arrested five months ago for threatening behaviour at an away game in Coventry and is under an exclusion order until December 1999.

He was also held with other Headhunters in 1996 when a West Ham fan was knifed. But the victim refused to testify.

Sim and his brother are close associates of Headhunter general Tony Covele.


VETERAN Chelsea Headhunter who has become heavily involved with football's right-wing fanatics since the late 70s.

Cropped-haired Abberly joined the ranks of Combat 18's west London cell and took part in marches alongside Loyalist paramilitary supporters in London.

In 1995 he and 10 other C18 yobs were expelled from Norway after organising violence just before rioting erupted after the England match.


NICKNAMED Fatty Thomas and Barrels, he is a leading face among Arsenal Gooners.

Thomas is respected among soccer yobs for his organisational skills and connections throughout the hooligan world.

In 1993 police raided his home in Kingsbury, north London, and found "an A to Z of hooligans" in Britain and Europe.

He was deported from Sweden in 1992 and makes a living selling designer clothes from stalls and pubs around his home.


TATTOOED Millwall supporter at the centre of fighting in 1995 Dublin riots.

The 6ft 2in skinhead arrived home with a head wound and clutching a blood- stained flag of St George.

He was kicked out of Ireland for incitement to racial hatred after giving a Nazi salute.

Lindley has three convictions for attacking cops and has served three months in jail. He likes to read books on Adolf Hitler at his home in Newport Pagnell, Bucks.


HEADS a 30-strong mob of notorious Aston Villa yobs.

Cops say the firm is among the two worst on the international hooligan front.

Keilty, from the Birmingham suburb of Northfield, has been involved in the National Front, BNP, Combat 18 and Friends of Oswald Mosley.

He was jailed for a year in 1994 for attacking a pub in an Irish Catholic area of London. Villa yobs are divided into right-wing racists and a Loyalist division.


A RESTRICTION order banning him from overseas games ended last January.

Frain - nicknamed The Nightmare - is under a life ban from Reading FC but is making travel arrangements for the World Cup.

He has convictions for football violence and racist attacks. Ku Klux Klan robes and hoods were found at his Reading home.

Frain was arrested after a West Ham fan was stabbed but the trial did not go ahead.


JOINT leader of Shrewsbury Town FC's English Border Front.

But the builder, in his late 20s, is also linked with Newcastle United hooligan outfit The Gremlins and Oldham yobs.

On a good day Jones can lead up to 100 yobs. After the Dublin riot his home was raided by cops who found a homemade video of hooligans in the Republic.

Last May he was stabbed in Berlin. Jones will spearhead travel arrangements for the World Cup in France.
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Date:Jan 12, 1998
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