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Byline: Tricia Phillips

THE first six months of 2010 saw the largest number of new businesses opening in the UK in the past decade.

Some 204,361 firms have taken the plunge with shops, cafes, hairdressers, plumbers and electricians among those leading the way.

Tony Heywood, of, says: "The recession left many people out of work or unhappy in work and it is these people that are now using their own initiative to set up their business and help kick-start the economy again."

Here, Tony shares his tips for success with a new business for those thinking of running their own show...

1 Do something you're good at Think about the skills you already have and apply them to your business idea.

Love cooking? Why not start up a restaurant or catering business? It's a lot easier than trying to learn a new skill from scratch.

2 Work out what makes you different You don't have to be cheaper than everyone else - but you do have to offer something different to set yourself apart from the competition.

An example is the courier who updates clients by text message when a package is delivered.

3 Find a first customer

The saddest thing is to see people who put their life savings into a business without ever knowing if anyone is prepared to buy.

Ask friends, family and anyone else you know if you can do a job for them and see what they're prepared to pay.

If you get someone to say yes, and pay for it, then you've got the basis for a potentially great business.

If everyone runs a mile, don't spend a penny until you've gone back to the drawing board.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Oct 13, 2010
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