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 WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Seal, the national environmental labeling organization, today announced certification of three Cato Oil and Grease Company products: Mystik EL-6 Multi-Purpose Grease, Kerr-McGee Response High-Temperature Grease, and Kerr-McGee Response Multi-Purpose Grease. The products have met or exceeded all of the applicable requirements of Green Seal's rigorous standard for re-refined engine oil. They are made from 40 percent re-refined base oils, which are essentially contaminant-free.
 The base oils used to manufacture these lubricants are produced from technology that is in use in only five used-oil re-refineries in the world. Cato combines these high-quality base oils with its proprietary blend of additives which are manufactured without chlorinated compounds and metals of environmental concern, such as zinc, antimony, barium and lead. Both technologies allow for significant decreases in the generation of solid waste and air emissions, and protect surface-water quality and ground water from the pollution usually associated with manufacturing and disposal of grease and oil products.
 According to Green Seal President Norman Dean, used oil is too often poured down the drain, contaminating surface and ground water. "Or it gets burned for energy, releasing toxins into the air. Ideally, oil should be recycled and re-refined. Cato's utilization of re-refined base oils eliminates pollutant sources. These products reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources -- in particular, petroleum -- and diminish the demand to open up pristine areas for resource exploration and exploitation," Dean said.
 Cato President Rick Pereles said: "Today industries are faced with the challenge of balancing effective lubrication with growing concern for the environment. These Cato products are designed to have minimal environmental impact while still retaining the excellent performance of premium multi-purpose greases. We're proud to have earned the Green Seal; we believe in what it stands for."
 The Green Seal Certification Mark -- the blue globe with the green check -- is awarded to consumer products that meet rigorous environmental standards set on a category-by-category basis. Green Seal's environmental standard for re-refined engine oil was developed in a public review process involving manufacturers, consumers, environmentalists and government agencies.
 Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging consumers to choose environmentally preferable products. It is an impartial third-party organization that awards a seal of approval to environmentally preferable products. It considers the environmental impacts of products and their packaging from manufacturing through consumer use to recycling and disposal. Products are Green-Seal- certified only after rigorous testing and evaluation. The Green Seal Certification Mark on products assures consumers that the products bearing it have met rigorous environmental standards.
 To date, Green Seal has set standards for 36 product categories including paints, bath and facial tissue, re-refined engine oil, printing and writing paper, energy-efficient lighting, water fixtures, and paper towels and napkins. Coming soon are standards for household cleaners, energy-efficient windows and major household appliances.
 Development of Green Seal's re-refined oil standard was supported by grants from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the W. Alton Jones Foundation.
 -0- 8/3/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Camera ready Green Seal logo and product photo available upon request.
 Mystik is a registered trademark; EL-6 and Kerr-McGee Response are trademarks.
 For more information about Green Seal and its programs, call Amy Kostant at the number below. For more information about Cato's re-refined oil products, call Dave Francis at 405-270-6200./
 /CONTACT: Amy Kostant of Green Seal, 202-331-7337/

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