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THOUGHT for the DAY.

"THE Devil makes work for idle hands", so says the old proverb. In our modern society, those words seem to have a ring of truth, as we hear in the media about the wanton vandalism so prevalent in many of our cities.

The Devil certainly seems to have many volunteers to do his evil work. I would add that he can make work for busy hands, too.

Hands are important to us all, and it is only when we lose the ability to use them fully or partially that we realise how just important they really are. Hands can be used to hurt or to steal. They can destroy and cause damage. But hands can bring comfort and healing. They can build and repair. Some people are blessed with creative, manual gifts and those gifts should always be used wisely and well.

Not everyone has been blessed with those gifts, but all can use their hands creatively and lovingly. They need to busy themselves with God's creative work and allow their hands to be used by Him, and not by the Devil. Start by putting your hands together and praying that God will find more people willing to work for Him, rather than the Devil.

Rev Harry Ross, Vicar of St Luke, Walton
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 3, 2008
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