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THOUGHT for the D AY.

Byline: Rev Harry Ross

THERE is an old saying that moderation in all things is to be commended as a rule in every person's life. To bemoderate means to keep within measure or to reduce or to control. It is so easy to go beyond one's measure, all too easy to increase rather than to reduce, or to lose control rather than keep a tight rein on things.

Addiction of whatever kind can make people lose the ability to keep control of themselves and to over-indulge, far beyond their capacity to cope and in a way that can harm them and, more often than not, other people.

As far as moderation is concerned, self knowledge is all important. To know your own capacity to cope, to know your own failings, your own weaknesses and especially your breaking point, is so vital if you are going to keep control at all times. Those who drink alcohol are told that they should know how many measures will keep them within the law. I wonder how many keep to those measures.

So many things, in moderation, are useful for good health of mind and body, but to knowingly allow oneself to lose control can be a recipe for disaster.

Rev Harry Ross, Vicar of St Luke, Walton
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2007
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