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YOGA BENEFITS WITH SENIOR IYENGAR TEACHER ORLA PUNCH "Yoga is so anti-aging both for the organs and muscular skeletal system.

"The poses actually tone our internal organs and give us an internal 'lift'. All systems of the body become much more efficien - the cardiovascular, digestive, elimination, lymphatic, nervous system - they all improve dramatically.

"This of course has a direct affect on the appearance of the outer body.

"A regular yoga practise has accumulative benefits. It improves our appearance and enhances the female form beautifully, long lean muscles, toned waist and pert bottoms.

"I can pick out a yoga woman in a crowd, they are in the best natural shape, regardless of age.

"We improve our posture, correcting the curvature in the spine caused by years of slouching.

"We stand taller, and yes yoga does honestly increase our height!

"We engage our core muscles and correct any pelvic misalignment which often causes us to throw our tummy out rather than in.

"Just by standing up correctly takes years off our appearance and also is so much more attractive. We also practise inversions, which have too many benefits to mention here.

But one nice benefit is that it really does improve our complexion and is great to restore the body and mind as well as an amazing antidote to stress."

Yoga retreats are fast becoming the new on-trend break away. If you are time poor here are some great yoga retreats located in the stunning Monalea yoga barn

WHAT: Yoga and dance fitness with Orla Punch and Jane Shortall

WHEN: March 19 to March 20 11am to 11am

WHAT: Iyengar yoga with Eileen Cameron

WHEN: April 30/May 1, 11am to 11am

WHAT: Yoga with Orla Punch

WHEN: May 28 to May 29 11am to 11am

WHAT: Yoga and pilates with Orla Punch and Pamela Renwick

WHEN: June 25 to June 26 11am to 11am Monalea is situated on the Wicklow/Wexford border.

See or

Four-day yoga retreat in Quinta Da Calma, Algarve - See


PERFECT HARMONY Yoga is good for the mind and body

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Date:Jan 27, 2016
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