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Byline: Donny Sheridan

Last week I showed you how to replace the washer if you find water dripping from your tap spout.

This week I will be focusing on leaks below a tap, especially those which occur when it is turned on.

This usually means the rubber O-ring needs to be replaced.

It's as easy as replacing a washer and costs next to nothing, so don't even think about shelling out on a plumber. The most annoying leak is probably the one you get with bath taps which have a shower connection.

The handle you turn to divert water from the taps to the shower head often leaks, especially if the water is diverted while it is still running.

My wife never turns off the tap to change the water direction. She just cranks it over which puts all the water pressure into the body of the diverter, causing leaky taps. Below, I'll show you how to replace the O-rings when there is a leak below the taps and a lead at the shower diverter.

All you will need is a couple of tools and new O-rings, available at DIY centres.


Adjustable spanner

Small screwdriver



WD-40 lubricating oil

Here's how it's done..

1 Turn off both taps, then undo the retaining screw that holds the spout on to the tap body.

2 Pull the spout upwards to remove it from the tap body.

3 You will notice two O-rings on the base of the spout. Remove these with a screwdriver and replace with new O-ring washers.

4 O-rings can also be found on the headgear at the spindle. To replace these, you need to turn off the water supply at the stop-valve. Then remove with an adjustable spanner as you would to replace a washer.

5 Remove the clip that holds the spindle in place, then remove the spindle itself. You will see the O-rings. Simply replace these and reassemble the tap.

6 Shower diverters also have O-rings. To find and replace these, turn off the taps and remove the diverter handle with an adjustable spanner.

7 Inspect the diverter handle to locate the O-ring and simply replace with an identical O-ring. Replace the diverter handle.

8 Job done!

Top Tip: Replacing O-rings is simple, you just have to replace the old one for an identical new one.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 30, 2007
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