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THIS ONE'S A PAIN, JAYNE; EXCLUSIVE Fans put the boo in Boogeyman as they slam Irish star for B movie horror role.

Byline: JULIAN BROUWER in New York

COLERAINE cutie Jayne Wisener is set to shock fans - by shedding her girl-next-door image in a sick slasher movie.

Blonde beauty Jayne - who won hearts playing angelic Johanna in Sweeney Todd - is the female cannon fodder for a serial killer in the B movie "Boogeyman 3," which comes out next weekend.

Even regulars at cult American website The Horror Movie Channel, were stunned by her turnaround.

And, after seeing Jayne, 21, spend the entire movie parading around in a skimpy bra-less blue tank-top and skimpy white knickers - before finally being slashed to death by the Boogeyman - one fan on the site said: "Wow, this is just snuff. Surely, she's better than this.

"I thought after Sweeney Todd, Jayne had a great career ahead of her. But then she appears in a cheapo nasty horror."

The gruesome film is set around a college campus and Jayne is one of a succession of nubile young students to be savaged by the evil Boogeyman.

Ulster bombshell Wisener famously shot to fame playing the niece of a monster in Sweeney - but in Boogeyman she has to run from one.

Though it's unlikely the film will break any box office records, there's a good chance Jayne's posh English Sweeney co-star Jamie Campbell Bower will watch it.

He was recently caught ogling Jayne's Irish charms in a telly interview - and the clip has since become a popular draw on the internet site

While Jayne, who represented Antrim in the 2006 Rose Of Tralee contest, shows off her ample assets in the horror film, her audition for Sweeney in front of director Tim Burton couldn't have been more different - in fact, she covered everything UP so she would look younger.

Speaking of the interview with Burton in which she wore baggy clothes, she says: "Johanna is 15, and at 19 I was the oldest one there. I wore baggy clothes and no make-up to look younger.

"All the other girls were so beautiful, I never thought I'd get it."

Paparazzi photographers think that it's Jayne who is the beautiful one however and glamourous snaps of her strutting the catwalk like a movie queen have adorned glossy magazines.

Says Jayne: "In New York, I stepped out of the car and all these photographers started screaming my name; I literally didn't know what to do, so I put my hand on my hip and posed.

"But I felt so false I dropped the hand, and just smiled as best as I could."


Knife to see you... Jayne Wisener has shed her clean-cut image for a B-movie horror slasher
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jan 11, 2009
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