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WACKY visionary Christina Gallagher claims she has received another message from the Virgin Mary - warning that mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and other weird weather disasters are on the way.

The Mayo housewife - who says she has suffered from STIGMATA - claims to have got a message from the heavens in the past two weeks.

And it warns a doomsday scenario for the world - but says that followers of Gallagher's House of Prayer on Achill Island 'will be saved'.

Gallagher has posted a transcript of the 'warning' on her website.

It claims to be a message directly from 'Our Lady Queen of Peace' and warns that young people are being stolen by suicide, drugs, alcohol, lust and lack of faith.

"Your worldly existence as you know it to be, will soon come into a great crisis," it warns.

"The purification is upon you, and few of you are prepared. I weep for your safety. You will see many upheavals in the world. You will experience the climate changes more and more.

"There will be many abnormal calamities, throughout the world.

"The changes in the season's behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify, floods in many parts of the world beyond normal capacity, mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and many, many other abnormal and strange happenings."The message goes on to praise Gallagher for her work and says that those who have helped her 'will be saved'.

"My daughter, I love and bless all my children, but especially those who have helped you in your pain and endurance, thus enabling you to continue your mission for souls.

"They will truly receive Life in My Son and will be saved from the adversity of the evil one."

The latest message comes in the wake of other doomsday prophesies from Gallagher who holds prayer meetings at her Achill retreat.

Following the tsunami disaster she claimed she was shown exact visions of the tidal wave eight years before it happened.

Christina became a sensation since she opened her retreat centre more than a decade ago saying she received her first vision in 1988.

The centre, which overlooks the Atlantic, generates an estimated EUR750,000 annually for the local economy.

Last year Gallagher indicated she wanted to expand her work when she called on followers around the world to donate HOMES to her charity.

Gallagher said she received a message from the Mother of God telling her to establish a 'chain' of prayer homes just like the House of Prayer.

She claims she received the message during a visit from the Virgin Mary who warned 'calamity after calamity' was facing the world.

In the message Gallagher claimed Our Lady told her she wanted houses to be given to the House of Prayer - stating that people in them would be saved when the 'Anti-Christ' comes.


WARNING: Christina's website says more disasters like the tsunami are to come; VISIONARY: Christine Gallagher's House of Prayer on Achill Island has boosted the local economy
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 14, 2005
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