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BY ANY DEFINITION, 120 years of uninterrupted publication puts Sunset in a rare position. Whether printing the early works of literary greats, introducing transformational architects and designers to the world, or taking a stand to protect the environment, Sunset played a pivotal role in ensuring that the West became what Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Wallace Stegner hoped would be "a society to match its scenery."

When the magazine started in 1898, the states of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming had recently been admitted to the Union, and the Republic of Hawaii was being annexed by the United States as a territory alongside Alaska, Arizona, and New Mexico. Great Western cities like Phoenix and San Jose (the heart of Silicon Valley) were dusty frontier towns--and the population of Los Angeles hovered around 100,000. Times have certainly changed. In preparation for this special commemorative issue, our editorial team had the enviable task of reviewing our vast archive of articles, photographs, and books. In an era when nothing seems to have much longevity and our culture seems to be disparate, these archives serve as a reminder of how connected we really are to one another and to the past.

What ultimately rings true is that Sunset's legacy lies not in its pages but in its readers, people like you whose lives the magazine has touched throughout its history. In celebrating the West and its ideals, Sunset has empowered us all to lead fuller lives--to be daring, to wander the open road, and to appreciate the beauty of our magnificent surroundings. For me, each new issue is a reminder of how lucky we are to call the most extraordinary place on Earth home.

Our goal for the next 120 years is to be a thoughtful contributor to the conversation of our culture and our time. In the ever-changing and ever-expanding West, there's a lot of work yet to be done. We are ready to meet this moment, just as our predecessors did in 1898.


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Author:Definition, Any
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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