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THINGS ARE LOOKING UP; LESLEY TAYLOR has a few ceiling ideas to help you make more of the home's most under-appreciated space.


T MIGHT not be the most obvious feature to make over, but the fifth wall, or the ceiling as it is more commonly known, is fast becoming one of the hottest design features in the home.

IGone are the days when a white hue would suffice. Today, ceilings are getting bolder, more adventurous and a lot more stylish.

And if yours is lacking in a little va va voom, there are plenty of ways you can inject some - without breaking the bank.

LIGHT IT UP A NEW light fixture might not be the most striking of changes, but it's a great way to start if you're a little apprehensive about your ceiling makeover.

My advice? Go big. Even if your ceiling is relatively small, an oversized light fitting will bring a dose of drama, becoming a central focal point.

This will douse the room in light and will undoubtedly change the whole look and feel of the space.

If you don't want a central, single light, there are a wealth of options; low slung pendants in vibrant colours, chandeliers which will create beautiful, playful patterns on the ceiling or rustic pieces that will create an entirely new vibe.

If you want to create even more drama, a ceiling rose is an absolute must.

Usually made from plaster, a ceiling rose surrounds your light fixture. Most come with intricate detailing but there are ones to suit every decor style. Typically white, these look fabulous when painted in a rich, deep shade, so don't be afraid to bid farewell to its original colour.

PAPER WORK DESPITE its name, wallpaper isn't just for walls. Not anymore.

Papering the ceiling isn't new. A lot of homeowners will use a lining paper to give their ceilings an ultra-smooth finish before painting. And before that, the ceiling was a palette for homeowners to show off their signature style. Don't believe me? Just take a look around your nearest stately home - rarely will you see a magnolia-fied ceiling.

Wallpaper works beautifully on a ceiling. If you are feeling particularly creative, go for full-on pattern in contrasting colours to the rest of the room.

Otherwise, using the same wallpaper on the ceiling as you do the other four walls might not be as dramatic, but it is still impactful. Coving, a decorative piece of plaster hung where the ceiling and wall meet, will break up the swathes of colour and pattern and will again draw the eye to the fifth wall.

QUICK FIXES PAINTING your ceiling the same shade as your walls can make it feel more homely, especially if your ceilings are high.

If you're not brave enough to go the whole hog and do the entire ceiling, use cornicing to create a large square or rectangle and paint within it.

You could also experiment with stencilling to add some colour and depth.

You can also use draped fabric to add interest. Especially in a bedroom where you could use a lightweight fabric to create a canopy around the bed. Just follow the same rules as you would any other wall in the home and don't be afraid to experiment. | Lesley Taylor is the author of 10 interior design books and has appeared on a range of network TV shows, including This Morning, giving inspirational advice on home styling.

For more information on her work, head to CEILING MAKEOVER | DON'T be intimidated by the ceiling space | APPROACH it as you would any other wall in the home | GET a specialist decorator to hang paper on the ceiling | INVEST in a light fixture that plays with illumination | COVING, cornicing and ceiling roses add finishing touches


Use a ceiling rose, left, to add intricate detailing or, right, Inject drama with a bold light fixture

Love pattern? Don't be afraid to use it on the ceiling

Wallpaper on the ceiling will completely transform any room. Go bold with a patterned print like Ava Marika from Woodchip & Magnolia, woodchip andmagnolia.
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Date:Sep 11, 2019
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