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"It was like performing stand-up into an aeroplane propeller."

Comedian Frank Skinner on hosting the Brit Awards in 2002, which he said was the low point of his career.

"My cleaning bill has gone up due to fake tan stains on my sheets and my scalp is covered with glue thanks to hair extensions."

Alex Jones, pictured, of The One Show on her Strictly Come Dancing experience.

"My thing is not to be technically correct but what is getting me through this is people power."

Astrologer Russell Grant, also on Strictly.

"If you are talking to a man, it is acceptable to touch his arm or grip his leg as he regales you with stories of his most recent triumphs. But it is not acceptable for him to then follow you like a loyal labrador when you go to powder your nose."

Rachel Johnson, editor of The Lady magazine on flirtation.

"Fat drags you down in so many more ways than gravity."

TV's Anne Diamond, who has been fighting the flab.

"I found him scary. He is quite serious and didn't talk to me much."

Ramona Marquez, star of the TV series Outnumbered on meeting Hugh Grant.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 9, 2011
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