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THESE MONSTERS RUINED OUR LIVES; Victims tell of their heartbreak.

VICTIM 1 ONE of Roy Norry's victims said the abuse he suffered robbed him of his dream of becoming a DJ.

He also said in a victim impact statement it had affected his sex life, adding that it felt dirty, as if he should not be doing it.

He told how he was aged 13 or 14 when he was abused. At the time he was "a bedroom DJ" practising to make his dream come true.

When he first got involved with radio station Marcher Sound near Wrexham, he thought he was on his way to stardom. But after what happened with Norry, a DJ at the station, he became a recluse.

His education suffered and he rebelled against authority. "I wanted to stick up a middle finger at authority," he said in his statement read at Mold Crown Court. "The person I became was not a nice one."

He had put the incidents to the back of his mind, thinking it was his fault. He ended up taking ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine, and stole from his parents to get the drugs.

He said: "I hate myself for it now. I put my parents through hell."

VICTIM 2 A victim of Gary Cooke told how it had ruined his life. He said that when he came forward to speak to Operation Pallial officers it was the first time he had ever spoken of it.

Before then, it was something he had carried around with him and tried to put to one side. "It ruined my life," he said. "I never felt like me."

He said his life had spiralled out of control and anger and frustration came out in violence. He turned to heroin, drugs took over his life, and he spent years in prison.

"They hurt me, I hurt me because of that, and my behaviour was destructive," he said. "I have tried to kill myself many times. All these things would never have happened if I had not been abused. My childhood and my manhood has been taken from me," he said.

VICTIM 3 A victim who gave evidence against four of the defendants said he found it extremely difficult to talk about what had happened. After being abused, he would drink alcohol to try to block out what happened.

He had only recently told his partner about what happened to him because he was too embarrassed. "I believe my alcohol issues are as a direct result of being abused," he said. "This man ruined my life," he said, referring to Cooke.

VICTIM 4 A man who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Cooke as a child told how the defendant had stolen his childhood. At 13, he said he was living with his mother and stepfather, and was a normal child. But his carefree life was ruined when he was introduced to Cooke. He started glue-sniffing and drinking alcohol. "My parents could not understand why I had changed. I could not tell them."

The victim said he met his partner and they had children, but he had a secret for many years and was not able to tell her. He had flashbacks.

Telling his parents and partner had been difficult, but at least his mother and step-father now knew why he had changed at the age of 13. He said telling his children was the hardest thing he had ever had to do.

He said he had twice been close to suicide. "I have spent 30 years determined to protect my family from the horrible things that happened to me. I lost my childhood in a loving family."

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Sep 26, 2015
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