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THERE wasn't much tennis in the streets of Dundee.

Byline: George Galloway

THERE wasn't much tennis in the streets of Dundee when I grew up. That was left to the boys in Broughty Ferry with the pressed trousers and unskinned knees, although we did unearth old wooden rackets to bat a ball about when Wimbledon came around. I'll be watching avidly how Andy Murray gets on this fortnight because he's a perfect example of the best of Scotland (and Britain, if he wins), a dedicated athlete, a non-drinker (our only similarity), who survived the horror of Dunblane as well as the dry joke he made about preferring any team playing England in the World Cup. The expectation on him is huge, but he looks like the sort of lad who can carry it with grace and equanimity. Gaun yersel son.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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