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THERE GOES MY BABY; choice Our heads-up on the must-see shows The Hanover dynasty returns to our screens with a new addition, says Claire Murphy y o wwaa.

PICK OF THE WEEK Victoria Sunday, ITV, 9.05pm Queen Victoria had nine children in 17 years. No wonder her most famous expression was about not being amused.

As we start series two of this lavish but not entirely historical costume drama, the monarch (Jenna Coleman, whose accent puts Buckingham Palace a few miles outside of Blackpool) has just had baby number one. It's a girl, to the disappointment of nearly everyone, including her own mother.

During Vic's confinement, Albert (Tom Hughes) has taken on most of her duties and is consulting with Prime Minister Peel about everything, from sanitation to helmets. Downstairs, Chef Francatelli's replacement is serving up lopsided christening cakes and inedible soup. Her Maj needs to get back in the saddle, take back those red boxes and a little control.

She turns, as she did last time, to an older man. The Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) may not be as sexy as Lord M, but he treats the young sovereign with respect, and doesn't sugar-coat bad news of military losses in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, her new Mistress of the Robes is Diana Rigg (Doctor Who fans will be in orbit to see Clara Oswald and Winifred Gillyflower back together again). Dame Di does an over-the-top, comic turn as the Duchess of Buccleuch. That's pronounced Buck-CLEW, but if you aren't listening properly, it sounds like they're swearing at Dash for leaving something on the throneroom floor.

The fabulous Diana Rigg as the Duchess of Buccleuch


The fabulous Diana Rigg as the Duchess of Buccleuch

Ahh! Queen Vic and Albert with baby Victoria

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 27, 2017
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