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THERE'S NO NEED TO SAY IT WITH SNEEZES; Pollen-free flowers sold.

ROMANTICS trying to woo hayfever sufferers can say it with flowers after all.

Scientists have worked out which flowers and plants are less likely to make recipients cry.

Out goes the rose, that old standby of Valentines, as well as sweet-smelling lilies, pungent lavender and seasonal sunflowers - all chief triggers of allergies and hayfever.

In come sniffle-friendly scents like orchids, iris and Dame Edna Everage's favourite, gladioli.

Researchers for worldwide delivery service Interflora identified the best pollen-free bouquets to boost business.

The firm figured that with up to one in five adults having some kind of allergic reaction to flowers, a lot of potential business was being blown away, literally.

Hayfever and other allergies can spark a variety of reactions, but sneezing is common to 92 per cent of sufferers and streaming eyes is a problem for three in four.

Now, those who request bouquets for the sneezy will be recommended certain blooms.

Interflora claim it's the first time anyone has come up with an allergy-free bouquet.

Expert Dr James Lawrie said: "Avoiding pollen is an important part of preventing hayfever.

"It often brings tears to your eyes, and flowers can certainly have that impact purely on an emotional level.

"But other results of pollen allergies - sneezing, itching and a runny nose - are less romantic."

Joanne Hayward, of Interflora, said: "They cause a few problems at this time of year.

"Now we've identified stunning flowers that are pretty much guaranteed not to cause a sneeze or a sniffle."


1.....Lilies 2.....Roses 3.....Peonies 4 ....Solidastor 5.....Chrysanthemum


1....Orchids 2....Protea 3....Bouvardia 4 ...Thistles 5....Leucadendrum
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 11, 2002
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