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60 years ago

This month in March 1940 The land of the Baigas by Verrier Elwin

The land of the Baigas is a block of country in the east of the Satpura Mountains, that great plateau which runs across the centre of India from Amarkantak to the Arabian Sea. Parts of the Satpuras are comparitively civilised, but in the extreme east, the country becomes wild and lonely, covered with thick forest. Few Westerners have come in contact with the Baigas. Their country lies off the beaten track, their most characteristic villages lie 20 or 30 miles from motorable roads. It is not generally realised how little India is influenced by the West.

I have been to Baiga villages which have not been visited by any Westerner: hundreds of the villagers have never seen a motor-car, still less a train, while no aeroplane has yet flown over Baiga-land.

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30 years ago

This month in March 1970 `Switched-on' Europe by D J Sinclair

The growing importance of television and its progressive diffusion as a central element in modern life is undoubtedly a feature of prime significance. It provides not merely an inexorable flow of popular entertainment but both information and instruction on a new and unprecedented scale. For better or worse, television has a profound cultural impact and, in all countries, the relationship between broadcasting organisations and government is subject to specific definition and control. With the exception of second channels, for example in Britain and Federal Germany, most television broadcasting stems from the authority responsible for sound radio, and so its relation to government has evolved in this tradition.

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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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