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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white As everybody knows, the biggest star of any Big Day is the wedding gown (sorry grooms). Whether it's fab and flouncy, slim and sexy, or red and raunchy, it will always turn heads.

But what if you want yours to stand out even more from the crowd? Then make one that breaks a Guinness World Record, of course!

When it comes to doing this with style, the Royals have got it covered.

Princess Diana holds the record for the longest Royal wedding train when she married Prince Charles in 1981 - hers was 25 feet of ivory silk taffeta. The dress itself was made of ivory silk and embellished with 10,000 pearls, sequins and antique lace, designed by David Emanuel and his then-wife Elizabeth. In fact, the train was so big, Diana and her dad had to squish into the glass coach that took them to St Paul's Cathedral.

However, Diana's train pales in comparison to the Guinness World Record's longest ever wedding train. Jing Mei from Chengdu in China won that accolade in September 2014, with a three-mile-long train that weighed 50kg and needed 40 bridesmaids to carry it. When her husband, Yuan, was asked what he thought about the fashion statement, he said, 'It is her day, so what she says goes.' And that is a mantra, we're sure, husbands across the world live by. If they want to live

Long wedding trains


2014 Jing Mei and hubby Yuan with her record-breaking train

1981 Princess Di holds the record for the longest Royal wedding train

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jul 26, 2015
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