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Visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan (see yesterday) led to the book which accompanied the Channel 4 series. The writer describes his first exploration of the site in 1987. Amid the wilderness of brambles he found the ruins of a large greenhouse: broken glass, rotted wood, doors off their hinges, the whole structure parted from its supporting wall. The sight of so much decay filled him with depression.

Then he noticed a leaf that looked different from the surrounding undergrowth. An old vine had survived all the years of neglect, a symbol of regeneration amid the chaos.

It could also be a parable of the human condition. Evil and decay may be rampant within us and our world. But nothing, and nobody, is irredeemable. Within every life, however choked with weeds and bramble, there may lie some neglected vine with its potential for goodness and beauty.

Frank Rock, Carrs Lane Church Centre.


Birmingham: 9am Morning Prayer. 9.15 Holy Communion. 11am Choral Eucharist. 4pm Choral Evensong.

St Chad's: 11am Mass. 3pm Vespers of Blesssed Virgin Mary, Procession & Benediction. 5pm Mass.

Coventry: 7.40am Morning Prayer. 8am The Communion. 10.30am The Cathedral Eucharist: Introit: O Come ye servants - Tye, Gloria: Howells Collegium Regale, Psalm 111, Sanctus - Howells Collegium Regale, Let all mortal flesh - Bairstow, Hymns. 5pm Choral Evensong Introit: Prayer of King Henry VI - Ley, Responses - Byrd, Psalm 92, Sumsion in G, Blessed city - Bairstow, Hymns 102.

Lichfield: 8am Holy Communion. 10.30am Sung Eucharist, sung by Ex Collegio, Missa brevis (Kodaly), Salvator mundi (Blow). 3.30pm Evening Prayer with Hymns.

Hereford: 7.30 Matins. 8am Holy Communion. 10.30 Cathedral Eucharist as in Festival Booklet. 3pm Opening Service of the Three Choirs Festival, as in Festival Booklet.

Worcester: 7.45am Matins. 8am Holy Communion. 9.30am Family Eucharist. 11am Sung Eucharist: Darke in E, Rutter - Loving Shepherd of thy sheep. 4pm Evensong, Wood in F, Responses - Rose, Bainton - And I saw a new heaven.

200 YEARS AGO: Improved Antiscorhutic Drops are a sovereign remedy for all land and sea curvy and all impurities of the blood, prepared by T Wilson, Birmingham.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette, August 1800

100 YEARS AGO: The popular Severn riverside resort Holt Fleet was the scene of a gallant exploit. When a party of three gentlemen approached too near the foot of the weir the strong undercurrent drew their boat in and it capsized. Two of the men were so encumbered with their clothes they both sank. The lock-keeper without hesitation shot the weir in a leaky old fishing punt and recovered the two men with the aid of a boat hook.

The Birmingham Daily Post, August 1900

50 YEARS AGO: The training of fire officers is costing about pounds 40 a week. The Home Office ''regrets' this high rate of expenditure, but this is 'not much consolation to the ratepayer'.

The Birmingham Post, August 1950

Birthdays: Drummer Ginger Baker, 60; New Zealand rugby union scrum-half Sid Going, 57;cricketer Ian Gould, 43; journalist Richard Ingrams, 62; journalist and author Bernard Levin, 72; American jockey Willie Shoemaker, 68.

Anniversaries: 1631: Birth of poet John Dryden; 1871: Birth of American aviation pioneer Orville Wright:1929; Death of ballet director and choreographer Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev; 1934: German plebiscite gave sole power to Adolf Hitler; 1936: Death of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca; 1942: British and Canadian commandos raided Dieppe; 1942: Montgomery became commander of the British Eighth Army in North Africa; 1953: Len Hutton's England side recaptured the Ashes at The Oval after a gap of 19 years; 1977: Death of American comedian Groucho Marx; 1987: Michael Ryan shot dead 16 and wounded 14 people in Hungerford, Hertfordshire; 1988: Death of choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton.

Richard Guy - Newspaper Sales

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Date:Aug 19, 2000
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