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"What have you been doing since leaving school?" I inquired. The answer: "I've written 400 applications, had quite a few interviews, but no one wants me!"

I felt so inadequate. The situation was too complex to try and apportion blame, and that wouldn't help. I did try to encourage her to tell me of her hopes and aspirations, and to keep on trying. I can only hope my listening sympathetically helped to get rid of some resentment and hurt.

We who are so fortunate should pray regularly for such people, never under-estimating the value of doing so.

There are so many hurt folk around. Just listening to them, even if we can do nothing except praying, can be of great help.

PS: Jane got her first job a few days ago.

Canon H P Burgess


200 YEARS AGO: On Monday a boy, apprentice to a chimney-sweeper in this town, was found dead in the road near Sutton Coldfield. On the inquest it was supposed, from appearances, that he had got behind a chaise, and in attempting to leave it, his clothes were for some time entangled on the spikes, during which he was suffocated by being dragged through the mud.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette, October 1798.

100 YEARS AGO: As the 10.13 train from Bury St Edmunds was nearing Warren Hill Station, Newmarket, yesterday morning, the carriages and horse box left the rails, the engine alone keeping the metals. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The Birmingham Daily Post, October 1898.

50 YEARS AGO: The Queen is suffering from an influenzal cold and is remaining in her rooms at Buckingham Palace for the present. Sir John Weir, the King's physician called to see the Queen yesterday.

The Birmingham Post, October 1948.


Birthdays: American reporter Walter Cronkite, 82; soprano Joan Rodgers, 42; American actress Loretta Swit, 54; entertainer Lena Zavaroni, 34.

Anniversaries: 1605: Guy Fawkes was arrested in the cellars of Parliament; 1843: Lord Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square completed; 1918: Poet Wilfred Owen killed in action; 1922: Tutankhamen's tomb discovered by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter; 1946: UNESCO was established; 1952: Queen Elizabeth II opened her first Parliament; 1979: Iranian students stormed the American embassy in Tehran taking over 60 Americans as hostages;1980: Ronald Reagan was elected as 40th president of the USA

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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 4, 1998
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