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VIRAGO has recently brought out paperback editions of Raynes Minns' 1980 title, Bombers and Mash: The Domestic Front 1939-45 ([pounds]10.99. 206 pages. ISBN 1-86049-794-2), a fascinating recollection of life in England during the Second World War. The second new title is Caitlin Thomas's Double Drink Story: My Life with Dylan Thomas ([pounds]6.99. 174 pages. ISBN 1-86049-725-X) in which she recalled her life with the alcoholic Welsh writer.

HARRY N. ABRAMS, the famous American art publisher, have now released a paperback edition of their 1994 Edith Wharton: An Extraordinary Life by Eleanor Dwight ([pounds]12.95. 296 pages. ISBN 0-8109 2795-0). This illustrated biography -- there are some 335 black and white illustrations -- captures all the charm and sophistication of the novelist and her life.

Readers interested in Edwardian fiction will be pleased to know that the PHOENIX GIANT series has published a paperback version of John Hammond's edition of The Complete Short Stories of H. G. Wells ([pounds]14.99. 883 pages. ISBN 0-75380-872-2), first published in 1998.

From ROBINSON PUBLISHING, which recently amalgamated with Constable, we have a reprint of Sir Ernest Shackleton's The Heart of the Antarctic: Bring the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 ([pounds]l2.99. 452 pages. ISBN 1-84119-135-3). This is a reprint of the original, 1909, edition and the typeset adds to the period flavour of the story and its large size also makes it more pleasurable to read.

PENGUIN BOOKS have published two books on twentieth-century disasters, both man-made. The first is Niall Ferguson's highly praised study of the Great War, The Pity of War ([pounds]9.99. 624 pages. ISBN 0-14-027523-1). The second is Titanic, edited by John Wilson Foster ([pounds]9.99. 364 pages. ISBN 0-141-18082-X), in which the tragedies, heroisms and mistakes are all brought to life. In addition, the prolific presses of the Penguin empire have recently released numerous literary titles in its 'Penguin Classics' and 'Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics' series.

New titles in the 'Penguin Classics' series include: Harriet Beecher Stowe's The Minister's Wooing ([pounds]7.99. 349 pages. ISBN 0-14-043702-9), Thomas Hardy's Two on a Tower ([pounds]4.99. 296 pages. ISBN 0-14-043536-0), Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat and Three Men on the Bummel ([pounds]6.99. 362 pages. ISBN 0-14-043750-9), Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White ([pounds]2.99. 672 pages. ISBN 0-14-043731-2) and Edmund Spenser's The Shorter Poems ([pounds]11.99. 780 pages. ISBN 0-14-043445-3).

New releases in the 'Twentieth-Century Classics' series include Edna St. Vincent Millay's Early Poems ([pounds]7.99. 173 pages. ISBN 0-14-118054-4), Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden ([pounds]5.99. 258 pages. ISBN 0-14-118218-0) and Graham Greene's The Captain and the Enemy ([pounds]6.99. ISBN 0- 14-018855-X).

SUTTPON PUBLISHING have recently republished a revised edition of Pitt the Elder: The Great Commoner by Jeremy Black ([pounds]2.99/US$20.95. 296 pages. ISBN 0-7509-2276-1) first published by Cambridge University Press in 1992. This edition has a new introduction and a revised bibliography.

VINTAGE, part of Random House, have recently brought out a paperback edition of The Pritchett Century: The Selected Writings of V. S. Pritchett ([pounds]9.99. 577 pages. ISBN 0-09-975541-6). The selections from the grand old man of English letters range from autobiography to fiction and literary criticism.

PAPERMAC have republished Sheila Sullivan's Falling in Love: A History of Torment and Enchantment ([pounds]8.00. 383 pages. ISBN 0-333-75354-2) first published in 1998. A second Macmillan paperback imprint, PAN BOOKS, has brought out two titles relating not to love but to war. The first is Harrison E. Salisbury's The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad ([pounds]7.99. 635 pages. ISBN 0-330-39282-4) as part of their 'Grand Strategy Series.' The second title, also in this same series, is Max Hastings' The Korean War ([pounds]7.99. 486 pages. ISBN 0-333-39288-3). This was first published in 1987.

JOHN MURRAY, one of London's few remaining independent publishing houses, has brought out a paperback edition of Alan Palmer's The East End: Four Centuries of London Life ([pounds]10.99. 200 pages. ISBN 0-7195-5666-X), a survey of the East End that is as fascinating now as when first published in 1989.
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