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Bernice personifies everything prim and proper compared to the soap's wild women. She is so virtuous that she has failed to hear the rustle of bushes and bedsheets as her heartthrob boyfriend Gavin swept into the village and the local lasses off their feet...

TRISH STOKES, 23 (Sheree Murphy)

First up was saucy barmaid Trish who's easier to pull than a pint. Arriving to help out ailing grandfather Alan Turner at the Woolpack, she was soon keeping bar manager Terry's bed warm and consequently got him booted out. Then she tried it on with Kelly's step-brother Scott. She also got Chris Tate in a clinch in a bid to worm money out of him. No wonder Turner has a heart complaint with that lot going on under his roof.

STELLA JONES, 37 (Stephanie Schonfield)

Gavin's second helpings were with Stella. She went behind the back of "best mate" Bernice by enjoying steamy romps with Gavin in a Jacuzzi, in the bushes and in her four-poster bed. Stella's charms were much in demand in the village, thanks mainly to her Lottery win. The hairdresser who tried to reinvent herself as the lady of the manor fended off the attentions of money-grabbing Eric Pollard and the more honourable intentions of Alan Turner. She has just fled the Dales giving Bernice a parting gift of the deposit to buy the pub. It's enough to make your hair curl.

KIM TATE, 40 (Claire King)

Emmerdale's original femme fatale. One flicker of Kim's eyebrows was enough to make the men of Home Farm quiver. She fell in love with Frank Tate's estate, and got him down the aisle not once but twice, before cutting out the middle man and bumping him off. But not before bringing on his heart attack by revealing that their son James was sired by hired hand Dave Glover (later disproved). Her torrid affair with Dave, married to Kathy at the time, ended when he expired in a house fire after one particularly hot encounter with her. She then wed business flop Steve Marchant, and went on the run with the loot from their heist, leaving Steve to rot in the nick. Now vamping it up in Babes In The Wood.

TINA DINGLE, 22 (Jacqueline Pirie)

With skirts too short, tops too low and make-up too bright, Tina breezed into Emmerdale in a cloud of cheap scent and cheaper sexuality. Determined to raise her head above the Dingles' mucky parapet, she set about seducing boss Frank Tate while also turning the power of her pout on Dave Glover. But Tina got cold feet when Frank actually proposed and headed off to Coronation Street. There she is reprising her gold-digger role as Linda Sykes, with her claws in tired old romeo Mike Baldwin.

KELLY WINDSOR, 18 (Adele Silva)

Former gymslip temptress Kelly indulged in extra curricular activities with teacher Tom - a short-lived romance which left his career in shreds. Undeterred, Kelly worked her magic on more than a few of the local lads, including Biff, and even her step-brother Scott before dragging dull Roy down the aisle to make herself seem halfway respectable again. As if...

RACHEL HUGHES, 27 (Glenda McKay)

Not the most obvious of scarlet women, given those jumpers and that helmet hairdo, Rachel did not let that stop her having steamy affairs with some unlikely locals. Let's face it, married farmer Jack Sugden is no one's idea of a sex magnet, and neither is the morose Chris Tate, Kathy's ex- husband. She also bedded Steve Marchant, who moved on to marry Kim. All her loves ended badly, none more so than her final fling with the psychotic Graham who threw her off a cliff then threw himself at Kathy's feet.

KATHY, 32 (Malandra Burrows)

Local vamp Kathy has had more wedding dresses than most of us have had hot dinners, though her latest gold creation never even made it to the reception. Biff the groom heard about her kissing Graham - a real ladykiller - the night before their big day and jilted her at the altar. Previous hubbies who actually made it to the wedding night include Chris Tate and village hunk Dave Glover.

ZOE TATE, 31 (Leah Bracknell)

And finally, it's not just the men who aren't safe. It is no secret that vet Zoe prefers women and animals to blokes. Her past loves include Sophie, who was Kim Tate's nanny, and Emma Nightingale - a serious romance that was blessed in church. She also seduced Becky Cairns away from her stuffy ex-Army husband, and has been known to cruise the gay singles bars in Leeds. She is currently making a play for lesbian truck driver Frankie. It'll take more than a box of Yorkie bars for Zoe to pull her, though.

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Date:Aug 21, 1999
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