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Today I went to a private range, where I have a membership. I sighted in a rifle with a value of nearly $1,200 (with scope).

The rifle shot very well (it should) and I plan to hunt deer in Wyoming with it. My wife and I and a son-in-law will hunt together. Our licenses cost $390 apiece. When I first started hunting deer I used a Model 94 Winchester .30-30. It was a worn-out loaner from my grandfather (he got it in trade for an automotive repair during the Great Depression). With it, I got an 8-point whitetail. The next year, at age 13,1 hunted with a surplus P17 Enfield .30-06 that my Dad "sporterized" for me. We'd gotten it from Montgomery Ward for $25.95. Years later I spent more than double its original cost to put a 4X Redfield scope on it. Thus enhanced, it served me well into my 20s. When I first hunted deer, a license cost $7.50. I was expected to kill a coyote (bounty: $7.50) to pay for it. I was also expected to fill my tag--the meat was justification for the additional expenses of hunting--and fuel for the worn-out pickup K or war surplus Jeep that was the family hunting vehicle. I've no doubt that my rather austere, youthful hunting seasons made me a better hunter. They absolutely made me appreciate every improvement in my hunting and shooting lifestyle. They made me a good enough marksman to qualify to shoot on a military rifle team--to the national level of competition. They make me appreciate the high-dollar rifle I shot today.

Bill K.

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Author:K., Bill
Publication:Guns Magazine
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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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