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THE TWIN TWILIGHT RAPISTS!; Did these brothers drug and abuse 26 innocent victims?

Dentical twins George and Julian Spitzer were a big hit with women. Their swarthy good looks, flashy sports cars and charm meant there was no shortage of girls eager for a date.

But when it came to sex, the 40-year-old pair were unable to take No for an answer.

They knocked out at least 26 girls with the "date rape" drug Rohypnol then filmed perverted sex romps with them, say police.

The drug - which is prescribed in Britain for back pain and as a sleep aid - makes women black out and transforms them into obedient sexual robots.

The twins are to stand trial next month in the same court where OJ Simpson was found liable two weeks ago for the murder of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

The Spitzers have been charged with rape, indecent exposure and other serious offences.

The pair, decribed as "two peas in a pod", could be jailed for life if found guilty.

The case is likely to be as sensational as OJ's - and once again puts America's want-it-all society in the dock.

`I was naked and had a pounding headache'

Julian and George "Gino" Spitzer left their poverty-stricken life in Romania 20 years ago in pursuit of the American Dream.

They knew how to win in a country where status symbols mean everything.

By day the pair were car salesmen - but when twilight fell Julian told his dates he was a rich movie producer and Gino claimed to be a psychologist.

Expensive cars, dollar-laden wallets and a string of pretty girls on their arms screamed success.

And the pair allegedly made sure they were a success at getting girls into bed by spiking their food and drink with Rohypnol - a sedative 10 times more powerful than Valium.

It made the women unknowing sex partners and gave the men ultimate control.

The sordid case was revealed after Linda C, a 36-year-old air hostess, became an alleged victim.

She met Gino at the World Cafe in Santa Monica, California, and they shared pasta with a bottle of red wine.

But Linda felt increasingly uneasy when Gino started bragging.

He claimed he was a marketing consultant and a doctor of psychology and that his brother was a big-time film producer.

At 10pm Linda decided she'd had enough of the "bore" and asked to leave. The rest of her night is a blank.

The next thing she remembered was waking next to Gino at 5.45am.

She was naked and had a pounding headache.

Gino told her she'd had the hiccups and that he'd brought her back to the apartment to give her something for them.

He assured her they hadn't had sex - after all he was a gentleman. But when Gino handed her back her clothes she knew she hadn't taken them off herself.

Her shirt was was inside out and her underwear was rolled up tightly.

INDA knew something terrible had happened and she told of her suspicions to police later that day. When officers searched the twins' house they found damning evidence.

They discovered seven cases of Rohypnol and 20 home-made porn videos, each showing one of the Spitzers having sex with different women who appeared drugged.

Investigators also found a computer address book holding dozens of names.

George Spitzer was arrested that night last August. Within days Los Angeles police were besieged with calls from women claiming to have been drugged and sexually assaulted by the twins.

Many had been too embarrassed to file reports because they suspected they were on the twins' sleazy video-tapes.

The prosecution took statements from 26 women and Julian Spitzer was then arrested.

HE women alleging rape were not naive. They took their own cars on the dates, avoided drinking too much and met the twins in safe public places - yet they were easy prey.

One victim, Mary G., was allegedly drugged by Julian. Teetotal Mary remembers being in a dream-like state as he fed her tortilla chips.

She recalls being taken home and sexually assaulted - though she is not sure by which of the brothers.

The twins, who share the same genetic DNA profile, regularly swapped partners and many women couldn't tell them apart.

Some claim they were raped and sexually assaulted by both brothers at the same time.

One woman who met George in July, 1995, found she had been sleeping with BOTH twins when she believed she was only seeing George.

The woman said at a pre-trial hearing in Los Angeles that the twins told her: "You cannot say that we have no conscience.

"We're from the same mother. We're from the same blood."

When the brothers fled from the Communist regime in their homeland and reached America they did modelling work.

Then they sold cars and shared a plush bachelor pad.

They appeared friendly and knew how to turn on the charm - but the warning signs were there. The pair lived in a fantasy world.

Julian once passed himself off as the youngest pilot an airline had employed and George falsely claimed he owned a Toyota dealership.

OTH of them boasted they were martial arts experts who taught film star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Julian also claimed to be a film producer - but the only flick he made was a low-budget porn film in 1995 featuring himself called Kisses From Romania. Law student Houston Harris, a friend of the twins, says they were inseparable.

He said: "George is really smart and really aggressive. He takes care of Julian.

"Julian is very temperamental and he's as dumb as a rock. George keeps Julian under control."

Both had an uncanny knack for exploiting women by projecting the qualities that their victims wanted to see.

To Linda C. George was a conversational partner who stopped her feeling lonely. To Mary G, a single mother, Julian was a father figure who vowed to teach her young son martial arts.

And to Connie W, George was a Mr Sensitive bringing cold pills to help her get over 'flu.

HE case has already bankrupted the twins. They have spent many thousands of pounds on lawyers.

The brothers deny the charges brought against them, claiming the women they slept with were willing partners.

They say they used Rohypnol for back problems.

The drug - nicknamed Roofies - is manufactured by a Swiss company and prescribed in 64 countries. It is also used in hospitals as a pre-surgery sedative.

Mixed with alcohol it produces a prolonged sedation, a feeling of well- being and short-term memory loss.

It is taken by American students deliberately seeking those effects.

Abuse of the drug took a horrific turn last year with the death of 15- year-old Rosa Rascon in the Texan town of El Paso.

She took the drug with booze at a party, fainted, was gang-raped and never regained consciousness.

And last year an airline steward was jailed for six years after sedating, sexually assaulting and raping two Qantas air hostesses.

Detectives who raided his home on Australia's Gold Coast found hundreds of photos of naked and semi-naked women, all unconscious.

They wanted me to lure more girls

BRUNETTE beauty Raquel says the twins asked her to recruit women to satisfy their lust.

And now she is determined to nail them by testifying at their trial.

The pair were already luring alleged victims by advertising in lonely heart columns.

But they wanted Raquel, 27, to provide more females.

Hollywood hopeful Raquel met Julian Spitzer last summer.

She says: "He did the old trick of pretending he'd seen me on TV and asking if I was an actress.

"He said he was a film producer and could help. I was at a low ebb and wanted someone to trust. He was charming. I was attracted to him."

She got pregnant with Julian's child. He suggested selling the baby to a childless couple abroad.

Raquel says she miscarried after Julian beat her up. Now she is in hiding.
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