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Byline: JEFF EDWARDS, Chief Crime Correspondent

GUN war is turning the streets of London into a bloody battleground as "gangstas" fight for control of their turf.

A secret police dossier seen by The Mirror reveals that in just 32 weeks there have been 12 murders, 25 attempted murders and at least 40 other shootings committed by black people on members of their own community.

Yesterday, the bloodshed spilled into the very heart of the city. A gunman shot a passer-by outside a West End nightclub then hijacked a van shooting the driver, leaving him seriously hurt.

Officers now fear the spiralling violence is in danger of leaving some areas of the capital as lawless as the gang heartlands of Los Angeles and Chicago. They call it the Year of the Gun.

Det Chief Insp Duncan Wilson, one of the Met's most experienced murder investigators, is shocked by the surge in the number of shootings.

He said: "There is a complete disregard for life. Guns are fired off in clubs and bars. They have become fashion accessories, the bigger and more macho the better.

"People are shot for even minor matters of 'disrespect'. And you can get someone killed for only pounds 1,000."

Police realised black-on-black crime was so serious that two years ago they set up Operation Trident to tackle the problem.

Britain's highest-ranking black detective, Commander Mike Fuller, was put in charge of a special squad.

Since then, about 150 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been seized. Dozens of suspects have been arrested.

But still the bullets fly fuelled by inexhaustible supplies of weaponry. At least 12 women have been shot, three fatally.

The gangstas' arsenal is formidable. Guns range from small pistols to Uzi machine guns firing 1000 shots a minute, Magnum 45s and Desert Eagle automatics capable of holing an engine block.

But the most fearsome weapon regularly found is the 19-shot-per- second Mac 10 sub-machine gun, known as a "Big Mac".

Some battles are sparked over the booming trade in crack cocaine or the control of prostitutes.

Other victims have been shot for showing "disrespect" - or "dissing". One man had his ear shot off for stepping on another's new shoes.

Meanwhile, the gunmen glory in their reputation for casual violence.

They belong to "posses" or "crews" with names like Black Rose, Spangler and Shower.

Many move constantly between Britain, Jamaica and the US.

Police have been fired at twice this year in London, once with a machine gun. There have been no casualties. But it is only a matter of time.

Here is the horror on the streets officers face every day - the grim tally of the Year of the Gun:


JAN 1: Man shot and wounded at party in Tottenham. Police told he has no idea who shot him. Car chased near North London club. Fourteen bullets are found.

2: Drug dealer shot in head in Paddington. He is still in hospital with brain injuries.

4: Uzi machine gun, silencer, ammunition, and revolver found in North London house. Four arrested.

8: Model 23 sub-machine gun and ammo found in Hackney. Lascelles Daley shot in both legs in Brixton.

9: Police find loaded Colt pistol under fridge at Brixton address. Man has bullet wound in stomach.

15: Carlton Speed found dead shot in heart after fire in Brixton. Boxer Chris Nembhard says man tried to shoot him in Canning Town.

19: Police confronted by men armed with loaded Uzi sub-machine gun and automatic pistol after attempted robbery at Acton crack den.

20: Woman accused of being informer shot in face, chest and hand by man in Harlesden.

29: Andrew Williams dies after being shot in head at Chicago's nightclub in Southwark.

31: Dreadlocked man shoots at

man in car in Bethnal Green. He says: "I can't believe they tried to shoot me on my birthday."


FEB 7: Man arrested in Southall with handgun and 10 bullets.

14: Jason Phillips, brother of soul singer Mica Paris, dies after being shot four times in Croydon.

15: Three shots fired at group in Bow. One arrest. Sawn-off shotgun and large knife found in house in Wandsworth.

19: Police find four .22 revolvers in garage in Southall.

20: Man is arrested in Stan- more in possession of starting

pistol converted into a real weapon.


MAR 2: During raid on home of man suspected of murder in Croydon police find loaded 2.2. pistol.

4: Cabbie threatened with sawn off shotgun. Ammunition and gun parts found at address in Finsbury Park.

6: Two men threatened by two others with guns in Blackheath.

8: Police stop a car with four men in Lewisham. Recover a loaded Walther PPK automatic.

13: Suspect found with 7.25mm automatic loaded with eight "full metal jacket" bullets in Acton. Reports that gun was fired during row between women in Edmonton.

22: Loaded "Dirty Harry" Magnum 45 seized in raid on flat in Hornsey. Everton James shot in leg at Tottenham. Shots fired at a group of men in Stratford.

Automatic found lying in the road after speeding BMW crashes. Shots fired in the street in Harlesden. Spent ammunition cases found.

23: Two men with handguns burst into flat in Tottenham, and rob woman of cash and jewellery.

24: Two gunmen hijack car in Islington.

26: Three men burst into a house in Croydon and shoot occupier in the shoulder.

27: Two "Trident" suspects held in Leeds in possession of Sterling sub-machine gun, Ingram SMG, two shotguns, Derringer pistol, plus 720 rounds of ammunition.

28: Two men stopped in stolen car in Kilburn. Fifty rounds of 9mm ammunition found. Gun recovered.

30: MP 40 machine gun found in raid in Catford.


APR 2: Corey Brown, 22, shot dead at the wheel of car in Forest Gate. Hit 10 times by automatic.

4: Two loaded automatic pistols and drugs worth pounds 1million seized in Enfield. Four arrests.

5: Four suspects held in Harlesden. One has loaded Walther PPK. Loaded .45 pistol seized in raid on suspected drug dealer in North London. Drug user beaten with baseball bats breaking both legs, and threatened with gun in Brixton.

6: Man threatens another with gun in West End. Pistol with five bullets is found.

8: Six shots fired into car of man chased by two others in Balham. One hits him in the lung.

10: Gunfight at a wedding reception in Brixton. One man shot in the leg and hand. An 8mm automatic is found nearby.

13: Two men shot from speeding car in Tottenham. No one hurt. Later that day one of the victims is shot at again. Again unhurt.

21: Corey Wright and Wayne Henry shot dead by masked gunmen in their car outside Hackney nightclub.

22: "Trident" detectives stop car in South London and find loaded Russian Tokarev machine pistol.

24: Man shot in Homerton. His brother was murdered in shooting earlier in the year.

27: Man found critically ill with bullet wounds in stomach, legs and arm after report of shooting in Commerce Road, North London.

Trident officers arrest five known members of a North London "posse". Two suspects try to flee. Five police cars rammed in chase. Three handguns and ammunition found.

29: Pregnant woman shot in the leg after accident in Streatham.

30: Four guns found in raid on flat in Kennington. Suspect driving Lotus sports car chased by police. Dumps bag containing containing loaded automatic handgun.


MAY 3: After shooting in Harlesden gunman escapes on bus on which he fires another shot.

10: Steven McCalla at wheel of his VW Golf a girlfriend in front passenger seat when red Fiat drives close behind them in Brixton, flashing its lights.

Attacker in Fiat shoots McCalla dead through the driver's window. Three of five bullets hit him. Girlfriend hit in the arm.

12: Gunman fires 32 shots from machine gun at car in Harlesden. Police confronted by a gunman in North West London. Gun misfires.

Andre Aylward found dying in his BMW after apparently being shot from another vehicle in Streatham.

14: Man shot five times in Tulse Hill after attacker snatches car keys from his ignition.

15: Two men sitting in car in Ilford were shot by several gunmen. CCTV film shows a gunman get out of a 4x 4 vehicle with gun in hand.

17: Timothy Parminter found dead near Battersea home with bullet through back of head. Believed to have been in pub row with well known gangsta.

22: Man shot in back and stomach in Peckham.

23: Gunman shoots three men in flat in Tottenham. One victim, known as 'Two Pack" shot six times.

28: Car shot up in Camberwell. 14 spent machine gun bullets found.

29: A man is dragged from his car by three men outside Purley nightclub and shot in the leg by a gunman who fires 10 shots.

Gunmen escaping in Audi shoot at police pursuers. One patrol car crippled when a Magnum round wrecks the engine.

Suspects switch to a BMW and the chase continues. BMW crashes. Two suspects flee leaving third injured in the car. Two automatics found.

Examination of cartridge cases found outside club and along route of the chase show six different guns were fired.



JUN 6: After Purley gun battle police seize Uzi sub-machine gun loaded with armour piercing ammo from house in South Norwood.

7: Robbery suspect Donovan Williams shot dead in Streatham. Another man knifed to death.

9: Man threatened with gun at Cactus club, in Harlesden. Police chase a Honda Civic and arrest suspect with loaded automatic.

11: Trident officers seize leading "gangsta" suspect from London house. They find fully loaded Smith and Wesson Special revolver and Colt 45 automatic.

15: Man left at Chelsea hospital after being shot through leg. He is wanted for armed robbery.

16: Man shot in stomach, hands and a foot at his home in Tottenham.

17: Several shots fired in Walworth after man is chased across London from Tottenham.

He is beaten with iron bars, fracturing his skull, and his face repeatedly slashed.

21: A suspect is caught trying to flush a Russian made Tokarev automatic pistol down the lavatory.

24: Man shot in legs after being pulled from Mercedes in East Ham. Volkswagen Golf and Peugeot sprayed with nine bullets in Tottenham from passenger in silver car.


JUL 13: Four gunmen batter their way into flat Stoke Newington. Woman who owns the flat hides on a balcony. Gunmen seize her friend and demand pounds 30,000. When she says she has not got it, they kidnap her.

They then change mind, shoot her in both legs and leave.

14: Woman shot in legs during an exchange of bullets outside pub in Wood Green.


AUG 5: Michael Cabey, 28, killed after being shot three times. He was was sitting on wall in Clapton when Ford Fiesta, drives up and the front seat passenger opens fire. Police describe incident as "classic" drive-by shooting.

6: Richard Oduku, 22, jailed for 15 years at Old Bailey for his part in a gunfight in Lewisham last year during which he was hit in the groin.

Court heard that machine gun and automatic pistols were fired in pitched battle.

Oduku's brother was murdered by gunmen in 1997.

8: Trident detectives raid "gangsta" gun factory in Bermondsey. They find eight pistols being converted from blank firing replicas to full working guns. They can be sold for pounds 1,000 each.

9: Two men wounded as gunman goes on rampage in West End.First shooting is at the Hanover Grand nightclub where the attacker shoots at the doormen.

He later hijacks a delivery van after shooting the driver in the arm. Man and woman are later arrested. Detectives seize loaded pistol.


CHILLING: Det Chief Insp Duncan Wilson with gun haul; SHOCK: Mica's brother killed; DEADLY: Walther PPK; SHOT DEAD: Steven McCalla; MURDER SCENE: Two flatmates shot dead in Hackney; SHATTERED: A car's rear window is blasted by bullets in Croydon; GUNNED DOWN: Michael Cabey; GUARD: Police by anti-gun poster at scene of murder of Michael Cabey
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 10, 2001
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