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vain merlin
 lonely stone
sven berlin
Come listen enough of that.
See what you make of this
And what it makes of you.
Words tower above silence
And speak through circumstance.
My window sees two ways,
A Janus within its gaze.
Through both ways I look
And watch a wildering world.
I look to where the sea
Changes continually
And swings its breaking doors
Towards the mind's shores.
I look in on this room
Changing within its tower.
I see stone slowly flower.
Enough of that. It's time enough
With things the way they are
To put us all into our place
And bar us from the bar, my dear,
And bar us from the bar.
We talk and long to meet within
This riddle of us all.
The sea shuffles its decks for luck
Our voices rise and fall, my dear,
Our voices rise and fall.
Venus whispers from her shell
What we blush to hear.
Her tongue tickles the mind and leaves
A grain within the ear, my dear,
A grain within the ear.
Granite glints with its quartz and spar.
A martyr's head speaks through
Vision that lies medusa-struck.
It always whispers through, my dear,
It always whispers through.
Words come alive and walk silence.
Words wake into the light.
Words whisper from the blackmassing sea
That rocks the dead of night, my dear,
That rocks the dead of night.
Stone comes alive in a new solid
Luggage within the eye.
But keeps the weather of the mind
And thunder whispers through, my dear,
And thunder whispers through.
What weather breaks? The sea gets up
And rises out of its bower.
A lost child breathes a stone to life.
His breath holds up the tower, my dear,
His breath holds up the tower.
And still and still there's time enough,
The way the world is wound,
To talk us all into our place
And buy another round, my dear,
And buy another round.
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Author:Graham, W. S.
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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