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THE SKANGS ALL HERE.. Official listing for dodgy teen group.


THE WORLD'S biggest encyclo- paedia now has an entry about Ireland's dodgiest citizens.

Skangers have been included in Wikipedia - an online encyclopaedia with more than 22 million entries.

Skanger is an Irish slang term for tracksuit-wearing anti-social youths.

Wikipedia claims skangers often wear branded baseball caps at improb-ably sharp angles along with prominent jewellery.

But the encyclopaedia said clothing is not the only way to spot a skanger. It says: "They have a particular gait, often likened to the walk and bobbing head of a pigeon.

"They have a stance similar to that of someone with a tennis ball underneath each armpit and they engage in habitual public spitting."

The encyclopaedia claims skangers have a unique way of talking. It said Dublin skangers speak in a high-pitched nasal tone and constantly slur their words.

It read: "A common greeting used by so-called skangers is pronounced 'Starry buud?'. This is a corruption of the Dublin phrase, 'What's the story, bud'?

"This phrase means 'How are you, my friend?'." The encyclopaedia also said Dublin skangers often add words at the end of sentences.

For example, it said: "'Wha'?', a contraction of 'what?', is used frequently at the end of a statement to pose the question.

"For example, 'Deadly buzz that is, wha'?"

The encyclopaedia said the Irish public face some dangers when dealing with skangers

It claims people are in particular danger when trying to answer: "What are you looking at?"

This question is dangerous because all answers can lead to violence.

Wikipedia said if you answer the question: "I'm looking at you", this will inevitably lead to a fight.

It said: "No reply is satisfactory. For example, a reply of 'Nothing' would prompt a response of 'Ya calin' me nothin' and 'Not much' will almost definitely result in fisticuffs."

Wikipedia also claims the skanger women have a slightly different dress sense.

It said: "Female skangers are sometimes seen wearing pyjamas, in the colours of mint green, canary yellow or pale pink in public at any time of the day."

It claims skangers can be found in all areas of Ireland and the existence of a special category of skanger called a "wannabe" can be found in rich neighbourhoods. Country skangers are known as shams, wahs and howayees.


'Skangers' often wear baseball caps and walk with 'the bobbing head of a pigeon' POSED BY MODEL
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 18, 2005
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