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THE SICKEST MAN IN BRITAIN; ...he wants to sell you a video of nurses being beheaded by Saudis.

Sordid Barrie Goulding, who has made a fortune from sickening "real-life" videos, is planning to hit a new low.

The millionaire is negotiating for the rights to film the beheading of two British nurses in Saudi Arabia if they are sentenced to death for the murder of a colleague.

Ann McLauchlan - whose daughter Lucille is accused along with Deborah Parry - said: "I cannot believe anyone can do anything so sick."

Goulding caused a storm two years ago with his video Executions which featured 21 barbaric killings, including footage from concentration camps and a shot of Hitler's doctor Karl Brandt injecting poison into a boy and girl.

The Northampton-based businessman claims that he wants to open up the debate on capital punishment. "I believe that if you take a life, you should lose a life," said Goulding, who told the Sunday Mirror he is discussing "substantial sums" with the Saudi authorities.

He added: "Capital punishment is a deterrent and this footage will bring it right into the public eye."

But Mrs McLauchlan said: "I feel horrified and shocked. I can't believe people would want to watch this and I feel deeply upset. How can he think about making money out of other people's deaths?

"But the girls are innocent and we are going to prove that, so he will have to forget his sick idea."

Goulding will not reveal who his contacts are in Saudi Arabia, but he says he is confident that he can obtain sole rights. He would not film the executions himself, but would buy footage from the Saudi authorities who video each execution.

McLauchlan, 31, from Dundee, and Parry, 38, of Alton, Hants, have been held in a Saudi jail since December when Australian Yvonne Gilford, 55, was stabbed 13 times, beaten and suffocated at the King Fahd military medical complex.

The two Britons claim they only made a confession at the time because of threats of sexual mistreatment.

But undeterred Goulding said: "The only way to open the debate on capital punishment and allow people to make up their own minds is to see what happens.

"This week Tracie Andrews has been put in jail for murder and will be supported by the taxpayer for the rest of her life, just like Myra Hindley.

"I want people to ask, `If there is the death penalty, will it bring about a reduction in crime?' I think it will."

Goulding is no stranger to controversy. He released the video Caught In The Act which used closed circuit security footage and showed unsuspecting people in embarrassing situations.

Last year, he had talks with Anglia TV on a plan to film a reconstruction of the Wimbledon Common murder of Rachel Nickell - with Colin Stagg, the man cleared of killing her, in the starring role.

The project was shelved after other TV stations said they would refuse to show it.

The success of his latest idea rests on a legal technicality.

Under Saudi law, the dead person's beneficiary has the right to demand capital punishment. Miss Gilford's brother Frank, 58, has been insisting on the death penalty.

But the trial was adjourned last Sunday so that the judges could examine whether he has the power of attorney on behalf of Miss Gilford's mother, Muriel, 84, who is still alive but suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.

The trial resumes next Sunday.
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Author:Rowe, David; Sutton, Caroline
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 3, 1997
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