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THE SAME NAME FAME GAME; THE Meet the other Pamela Anderson, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Michael Bolton, Billy Connolly, David Bowie and Martin O'Neill.


PAMELA ANDERSON lives close to the sea and loves spending time on beaches whenever she has the chance.

But instead of bouncing along the sun-kissed sand on the shores of the Pacific in California, 42-year-old Pamela has to make do with the promenade at windswept South Queensferry, near Edinburgh.

And what little sun she sees is normally glinting through the massive iron girders of the Forth road and rail bridges.

Mum of two Pam said: "My husband Jim treated me with a trip on the QE2 for my birthday. He booked us into the 2nd class accommodation, but once the ship's officers saw my name they upgraded us into the Queen's class.

"They brought us champagne and every morning staff asked how the 'Baywatch Girl' was getting on. They obviously realised immediately I wasn't the real Pam, but played along all the same, which was lovely."

Pamela claimed not to have anything in common with the other Pammie.

She doesn't have any tattoos and her husband has never played in a rock band.

She laughed: "You'd never catch me running along the sand in slow motion, wearing a tight-fitting red swimsuit."

SCOTLAND also has its very own Ricky Martin - but he can't sing or dance like his Latino star namesake.

He is, however, almost as desirable as the chart star. Well, at least in his own mind.

Our Ricky is a 22-year-old marketing student at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. He said: "I've got a girlfriend so I don't chat-up girls that often. But when I do, they always laugh at my name, thinking I'm joking. I get slagged off by friends and giving presentations at uni is a nightmare. Everyone just laughs."

Ricky, who moved to Glasgow from his native Ireland four years ago, is used to the on-going banter. But a couple of weeks ago, he got the last laugh.

He said: "I was in a pub quiz and when there was just me and another guy left, we both had to tell our names. I said mine and everyone laughed, but the whole place just erupted when the other guy said his name was Michael Bolton."

AND that takes us nicely to our next almost famous Scot.

This Michael Bolton is a 21-year-old barman, who also attended Strathclyde University. He said: "My name was just a coincidence. My parents didn't even know about the guy until I was about 10 or 11 and my auntie phoned and said he was on Top of The Pops.

"I know it's not quite as cool to be Michael Bolton as it must be to be Ricky Martin, although at least Michael's got a gorgeous girlfriend."

Michael admits having a famous name can cause difficulties. He said: "I was once stopped by police and they asked for my name. When I said I was Michael Bolton, they warned me to be serious. I usually avoid telling people my surname just to avoid the hassle."

BILLY Connolly, of Coalsnaughton, near Tillicoultry, loves making people laugh, just like his famous namesake. And just like the actor and comedian he sports a goatee on his chin - minus the green or purple dye.

Billy, a contracts manager with Stirling Council, said: "At work I have to deal with complaints and enquiries and when I answer the phone and say it's Billy Connolly speaking, I get a deadly silence in return."

EVEN more bizarrely, one of Billy's workmates is called David Bowie.

Billy added: "When we introduce ourselves, people feel they have to answer back with another famous name. We've heard all sorts, including Mickey Mouse."

SHARING your name with some of the most famous faces in Scottish football can be a problem, as Barry Ferguson and Martin O'Neill have found out.

DJ Barry, 21, of Knightswood, Glasgow, said: "I get a lot of calls from Celtic fans who get my number from directory enquiries. It can be a bit of a nuisance, but so far they have accepted I'm not the famous Barry Ferguson.

"It's quite funny when a Celtic fan wants to book me as a DJ. They think I'm just kidding when I say my name."

ON the other side of the country, Martin O'Neill is still enjoying the aftermath of his team's league victory.

The 44-year-old job seeker, of Leith, has supported Celtic for 30 years.

He said: "I used to go to Celtic Park on a supporters' bus,but now I travel with a friend instead just to get some peace. I couldn't take any more of the chants - 'Martin O'Neill, Martin O'Neill'."

At over 6ft tall, Martin couldn't double for the Celtic manager, but he says his name has caused some embarrassment.

He added: "Sometimes when I'm applying for jobs I get questions like 'so are you a football fan or something', but at least they believe I am who I say I am."

SOUTH American singer Shakira is enjoying a good chart run at the moment with her single When Ever, Where Ever. But she's probably unaware that she could have some competition in the years to come from a young Scots namesake.

Shakira Fisher, of Dunoon, is just nine years old and she's setting her sights on a life in the spotlight.

Dad Colin, 29, said: "Shakira loves singing karaoke and of course, she's thrilled that there's a singer with the same name. She is now deternined to learn her song word for word."

The Kirn Primary pupil also loves Highland dancing, but Colin thinks she's even better at singing.

He said: "Apparently she's just about note perfect, although I don't know where she gets her talent from.

"Her mum Heather and I only sing in the shower and her five-year-old sister Chelsea is showing no interest in singing.

"It would be great if she went on to be as famous as the better-known Shakira."

Do you share your name with a star - or are you a look-a-like? If so, call 0141 309 3251 tomorrow and we'll call you straight back. Alternatively, send an email to


Folk in Stirling think council workers David and Billy are having a laugh when they introduce themselves, but they're totally genuine


He doesn't have singer Ricky's Latin looks, but our Ricky claims his Irish eyes get the girls going


Barman Michael avoids telling people his surname to avoid cheeky quips about his cheesy namesake


Our Shakira's only nine, but she could be giving her famous namesake a run for her money in a few years


Celtic fan Martin won't go to games on a supporters' bus any more - he can't stand fans chanting his name
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