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THE Royle Family actor Ralf Little [].

Byline: Sara Wallis on TV Follow Sara on @sarawallis

THE Royle Family actor Ralf Little is a welcome addition to BBC1's long-running drama Death In Paradise. He touched on the island of Saint Marie on Thursday as DI Neville Parker, a nerdy detective with a name to from Manchester to mysterious case of the bathtub behind two the moment Neville on his inhaler and panic-applied Factor He was called in frhelp with the mysterwoman in the bathtu locked doors. From tNeN ville sucked and pan 50, I knew I was going to love him.

digna As a fellow allergy-sufferer, you can never be too careful with those UV rays or high pollen counts.

sum In keeping with the spirit of this murder-fuelled comedy drama, Neville is a bumbling cop who actually has a brilliant Sherlocking mind.

ute Watch out for those Columbo-style "Just one more thing!" moments.

Neville doesn't want to stay another day in paradise, but the fish-out-ofwater set-up might prove fun to watch.

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Sara Wallis on TV Follow Sara on @sarawallis
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2020
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